Mobile Map Filters, Youtube Playlists

Notes for Release 1.6.2

A minor release to fix issues with Pages not being correctly submitted, and many under-the-hood optimizations.

Notes for Release 1.6.1

This is a minor release which adds support for Youtube Playlists, and additional device detection for new Blackberry touch devices. To add a Youtube Playlist, simply paste in the URL of the Playlist OR the ID code of the playlist.

Additionally, there have been improvements made in-app this week. This includes:

  • Map Filters: If you add multiple categories of content to a map, they can now be filtered by those categories.
  • Map GPS: App users now have a GPS button for finding their location on the map.
  • “Centre Map” Button: Users can now centre the map back to its starting location with the touch of a button!
  • Map UI Revision: In order to add more room for the above features and future features, we’ve revised the UI a bit — and gained a bit more space back for even more map!
  • New Staging Mode apps will now completely copy the settings and tabs from the live app. More features are coming for this soon, including a “reset” option and copying between live and stage servers.
  • Improved Video Playback UI for Tablets/iPads: No more tiny videos on your iPad or tablet device! Also, for devices that support the capability, videos will now play automatically when opened.
  • “Install this app..” dialog is now a default setting for new apps.
  • Improved localization support, more languages coming soon!

If you don’t see these improvements, simply trigger a refresh of your app by logging in to your Weever component in Joomla and going to Theme settings and hit “save”.

In the works: Tools for the app user like “recently viewed” and “favourites” lists, additional filter options for maps, support for third-party audio hosting services (SoundCloud, etc), Google+, and plenty more. Requests? Suggestions? Contact us!

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