Use Charts to Track Year-to-Date New, Open and Closed Forms

You can track newly generated (new) forms and their status (open or closed) at the end of each month. This helpful bar chart allows you to visualize submission rates at-a-glance. To do this, simply: Set the Form to “Open Tickets” in the Form Builder Capture data through form submissions Open the form’s report in Form […]

Use “Sketch on Photo” to ensure your message is clear.

Users can sketch on any photo by simply loading the photo and then tapping the “sketch” link under the photo. Sketch is helpful to circle or highlight something within the photo. You can even write a simple message on the photo as well. < Go back to Tips Want to contribute? We would welcome your […]

Capture group training attendance

If you are training a large group, you can update training records for all attendees. Login as an administrator or supervisor Select “Group Training” Select the course Select the employees Select what they did – i.e. completed training or “comp check” Complete the form that outlines … This will automatically update the employee’s training record. […]

Add quizzes and analyze scores

You can add a quiz to your training modules. Login as an administrator. Select “Training Builder” from the side menu. Select or create a new category. Select or create a new course. Add a new quiz by tapping the “+ add quiz” button. Use the “Quiz Builder” to add quiz questions. To publish the quiz, […]

Use Form Builder to digitize your paper forms in seconds.

The Form Builder is used by app administrators to edit, remove or add new forms. If you are an administrator, you will see a “Form Builder” link in your app menu. For best results, it is recommended that you access Form Builder on a desktop, laptop or large screen tablet. Tap the “New Form” button […]