McMaster Family Health Intern Assessment App

Increase program involvement through enhance accessibility. Doctors are asked to assess intern skills for feedback, placement and continuing education purposes. To do this, doctors would have to find the paper form, fill it out and submit it to hospital administrators. The inefficient process was leading to errors, missed assignments and a general lack of program […]

Super Mate is a helpful companion for Superintendents.

The Super Mate App, developed by CODE (Council of Ontario Directors of Education), helps Superintendents have better communication with school administrators by providing instant access to relevant information and resources. Digital Resource Management Super Mate makes relevant content, such as school information, board and provincial resources, a contact directory and handy mobile forms, instantly accessible […]

Xerox Conference Mobile Training Case Study

Corporate training enhanced through the spirit of friendly competition. As at many sales conferences, social aspects were interfering with the sales training process. Xerox was looking to maximize engagement and retention at their international sales conference. Xerox was looking to maximize engagement and training information retention at their sales conference. Our solution helped them manage […]