Super Mate is a helpful companion for Superintendents.

The Super Mate App, developed by CODE (Council of Ontario Directors of Education), helps Superintendents have better communication with school administrators by providing instant access to relevant information and resources. Digital Resource Management Super Mate makes relevant content, such as school information, board and provincial resources, a contact directory and handy mobile forms, instantly accessible […]

Xerox Conference Mobile Training Case Study

Corporate training enhanced through the spirit of friendly competition. As at many sales conferences, social aspects were interfering with the sales training process. Xerox was looking to maximize engagement and retention at their international sales conference. Xerox was looking to maximize engagement and training information retention at their sales conference. Our solution helped them manage […]

Why Mobile Learning is Growing

According to research conducted in 2014, 70% of L&D staff were either using or planning to introduce mobile learning solutions by the end of 2014 to support a wide range of activities: To deliver learning content to support formal learning (by 62%) To support communication and collaboration (by 54%) To support the application of learning […]

3 Tips to Ensure a Successful Mobile Workforce Management Deployment

Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) solutions are very powerful and they can be engineered to solve a multitude of problems that a company may face. Over 2/3rds of North American companies have mobile staff members, such as frontline salespeople, security guards, field technicians, etc., and yet many have still not taken advantage of a simple and […]

Viessmann VitoApp: Greater Visibility Into Contractor Activity

Viessmann is a world leading manufacturer of heating and renewable energy systems. The company leverages a network of installers to sell their products to building owners and managers. As a result, they are one step removed from the end-user relationship, which makes it difficult to understand how their products are being sold and other added-value […]