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Mobile Mapping for Sustainable Development: How INTEWO uses the Weever Apps platform

INTEWO is the award-winning brand of World Habitat Society GmbH, headquartered in Germany, with branch offices in the Sultanate of Oman and Ethiopia.

In our latest newsletter we put the spotlight on two INTEWO apps: One app for touring the Teutoburg Forest / Egge Hills Nature Park and a visitor app for the Radisson Blu Hotel in Muscat, Oman .

We asked the INTEWO team to share their story on our blog.  Read on to learn how the INTEWO team is leveraging the Weever Apps platform for sustainable education and tourism development!


RSS Icon and QR Code

Announcing RSS Support!

You can now add live RSS feeds to your mobile app -  from weather rss feeds, sports, stock data, and even custom web site components.

RSS (really simple syndication aka ‘rss’) is an established and popular way of streaming real-time information across the web.  We’ve just added RSS options to appBuilder and our WordPress plugin, to be followed soon by our plugins for Joomla! sites.

To view RSS and Weever Apps in action, just scan the QR Code above or visit with your touch phone or tablet!


The Mobile Apps you will Never See

You won’t be able to scan a QR code to get these Apps, or find them in a store, these are Mobile Apps used by Enterprise to help their employees be more productive. These are being referred to as “Back End Mobile Apps”, they are not only saving organizations thousands of dollars, but they are making us more productive. Back end refers to tying the Mobile Applications into “your system” whether it be a CRM, CMS, ERP or other desktop application. This is a secure and easily accessible method to gain access to valuable information from anywhere, on a Smartphone or Tablet.

Just think about this, you are on the way to visit your customer and need to reference their contact info, current billing status, or need a document, no need to wait 7 minutes for your laptop to boot up, just login with your phone and quickly access the info. This can be connected through many different secure systems such as BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server), VPN and more. Along with the specific data from your system, other valuable tools can be added within the mobile app, such as mapping of all your customers, your company event calendar and more.

If you are in a sales function then you can add digital brochures of your product or service, as well as videos, which can be shared with your customers right from the Mobile App. Mobile is changing the way we work, it is helping us work smarter, be more productive and allow us to work from anywhere!

Steve McBride
VP- Business Development
Weever Apps


Introducing #MyHamilton! A community populated mobile app!

The #MyHamilton app is a partnership between McMaster University, The City of Hamilton, Columbia International College, Mohawk College and Weever Apps.

The smart phone and tablet app was made to keep students in touch with the pulse of the city and gives them the opportunity to share Hamilton’s hidden gems.

#MyHamilton focuses on the downtown area from the Escarpment to Bayfront Park and from Wentworth to Dundurn Street. Students have access to job postings, coupons from local businesses and discounts for local events and concerts. Users can also pin new locations on the app and get directions to existing locations.

To make your mark on MyHamilton App, from your phone or tablet just tweet to #myhamilton along with a picture of a cool location, event, restaurant etc. Make sure you turn on your “Geolocation” to automatically add your tweet to the map inside the MyHamilton Mobile App!

The MyHamilton app makes exploring Hamilton easier and more interactive!

challenge winners

Mobile Marketing Challenge Winners

Congratulations to our contest winners for the Weever Apps Mobile Marketing Challenge! We asked for your mobile marketing challenges and now it is time for us to solve them for you – for free! Here is a list of the the 9 free app winners along with each of their unique challenges, as well as the 2 BlackBerry PlayBook winners: