Mobile Workforce Management

Create a more efficient, productive and engaging educational experience.

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Education is Changing.

Depending on what study you read, approximately 80% of grade 8 students own a mobile device. Instead of fighting against these attention-grabbing devices, many school boards have decided to embrace them to the tune of multi-million dollar government investments. The primary reason for this shift is that, if harnessed correctly, mobile devices and immediate access to the internet can dramatically enhance the learning experience.

Mobile solutions make relevant tools and resources instantly accessible to students, educators and administrators, providing a more efficient and engaging education experience.

Access Learning – Anywhere

Apps allow the process of education to happen anywhere.

Enhance Engagement

Mobile learning and live pop quizzes make learning fun.

“Experiential” Learning

Guide students through an immersive learning process.

Increase Parent Involvement

Keep parents in the know with consent forms and automated notifications.

Enhance Student Safety

Keeps student safe with maps, resources, instant tap-to-call buttons and push notifications.

Save Money and Paper

A single document lifecycle can cost over $20.

Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile Workforce Management provides tools to students and teachers and real-time actionable data to decision makers. From inspection and audits to complex learning management systems, your solution can be engineered to provide benefits to all levels of your institution.

Your institution in real-time

Your dashboard serves as the nerve center for your solution, providing administrators with instant visibility into student and educator activity.

We integrate seamlessly with popular cloud solutions.

and many more…

Council of Ontario Educators of Education (CODE)

Digital Resource Management

Super Mate is a helpful companion for Superintendents, providing instant access to relevant tools, resources and information.

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