Five Reasons Why HTML5 Rocks For Mobile

HTML5 is everywhere this year!  When we started our free HTML5 app maker for Joomla! and WordPress sites, most people hadn’t heard of this “HTML5″ thing.  One year later we’ve seen thousands of Weever Apps built across 50+ countries and we’re preparing to launch a new platform that will let anybody build their own HTMl5 mobile app – instantly and affordably.

Google supports it.  Facebook’s all over it.  It’s clear that HTML5 is the future.

But HTML5 Mobile Apps aren’t just for the big players – one of the big benefits of our (affordable) app maker is that it makes all of the benefits of high-quality “apps” available to everyone – individuals, small business and enterprise too.  It changes mobile for the better.

That’s something that needs to happen.  Today, more than 50% of local searches are mobile.  Smart phone ownership has surpassed cell phone ownership in the US; yet – most businesses don’t have any mobile solution of any kind – let alone the marketing benefits of a web app.  Unfortunately as we’ve said so many times before, traditional app development is just too time-consuming, expensive and technical.

Here are five reasons why HTML5 is going to keep growing in a big way:

1 – It’s not about iPhones.  It’s about ALL phones.

For all the buzz Apple iPhone generates, it only represents 25% of the market.  Google Android is the market leader with 50% of the Smartphone market in North America and BackBerry does surprisingly well with tablet sales.  HTML5 mobile apps work for all popular touch phones and tablets – letting you to connect to every customer.  That’s not just a good thing – that’s business-critical.

2 – It’s affordable.

Building native (machine-code based) apps can be a nightmare.  Let me repeat that – an expensive, time-consuming, nightmare.  Building one-mobile-platform (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPad, the list goes on…) just isn’t a workable solution for most companies.  And it gets worse because…

3 – Things change.  Your Business will Change.

Imagine you’re a business owner and its six months after your new machine app has launched – your business and customers have changed a little; and you need to make an update.  Good luck!  Start tracking down the development team, get your marketing and sales folks involved again, and get ready to pay them all again.  Then, resubmit to the app store… and wait.

HTML5 apps can reflect your organizations’ updates quickly.  Our own HTML5 app maker updates instantly.  There’s just no comparison to a mobile solution that allows a business to be responsive to priorities and needs in real-time.

4 – Location, Location, Location.

Proximity is one of the best indicators for interest, relevance, customer purchases – you name it.  In the early days of HTML5 Web Apps getting and using GPS / location was a little tough.  Not so anymore.

In the last six months we’ve released a free mobile map-maker for WordPress and Joomla!, a “nearest to me” feature, and even a way to add your favourite locations, photos and notes to your app in real-time as you walk around that day. The future is really bright for HTML5 and Mobile / GPS maps today. And we’re just getting started.

At a basic level, location-aware apps that work for everyone’s smart phone and tablet solves a lot of problems at once.  We’ve seen people use our technology to create a day by day party tour, market mobile business directories at street level, and a lot more.

5 – Your Brand is Web Wide and Social.  Your app should be too.

What is a web site anyway?  It’s a location where your business/brand/persona lives online.  Except that it’s not just that way with the modern web anymore.  Brands, people and products exist across the entire web – on Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Tumblr and hundreds (if not thousands) of other services.  Today, that’s where connections are made, products and people are found, and new ideas grow.

HTML5 Web Apps are made to work and live with other elements of your brand on the web – allowing you to connect to your existing customers, find new ones, or just share ideas in every way possible.

Web Apps excel, appropriately enough, at working with other web applications.  Check out all of the social and 3rd Party integrations on the Weever Apps feature-tour page.  That’s just year one there folks, wait till you see what’s coming next!

Bonus Points:

It’s more democratic, too.