Schedule inspections.
Ensure compliance.

Properly executed inspections lead to less incidents and better outcomes. When inspections are missed, problems occur.

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Set up a schedule, automate workflows and be alerted only when “failures” occur

  • Ensure completion of inspections based on a schedule.
  • Reduce breakdowns, safety incidents and other problems.
  • Ensure compliance measures are followed.
  • Enhance sustainability by reducing paper consumption.
  • Enhance productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • Provide real-time visibility to managers and other stakeholders.
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Setup scheduled inspections.

Create an inspections form for each machine, safety process, etc. Add frequency (i.e. everyday, week, 2 weeks, etc.) and assign to a role.

Turnkey inspection workflows.

Staff are alerted when inspections are due. Each inspection can contain instructions and customized variances. Upon “failure”, maintenance staff and supervisors can be alerted automatically.

Alerts! (only when you need them)

Supervisors can be setup to receive automated emails containing a failure report. Click to understand inspection status and accountability. Download a PDF, Excel spreadsheet, and more …

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