Rebrand, Resell and Profit


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Increase Your Revenue

We provide resellers with a compelling value-added service that increases recurring revenue opportunities on mobile solutions.
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Grow Your Portfolio

Leverage Weever Apps directly into your existing traditional website and media campaigns to seamlessly to develop mobile marketing campaigns.

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Plugin for Joomla! and WordPress
Decrease cost and time-to-market

Weever’s online app-maker is easy to use. Reduce your development cycle costs and time-to-market by leveraging our development platform for creating effective mobile web apps. Learn more.


Volume Discounts

Partners get exclusive rates based on volume purchases, up to 50% discount of regular rate.

Vertical Industry Resellers
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Customized mobile web apps tailored to the specific needs of your industry. Create your own app maker with specific content, a unique site address, branding and pricing. Learn more

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Marketing Agencies
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Integrate your client’s brand, digital and product marketing plans with engaging mobile marketing campaigns leveraging QR codes, mobile web apps and instant sharing tools. Learn more.

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Platform Developers
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Our cutting-edge “R3S” API can rapidly produce HTML5 apps for CMS, CRM and eCommerce platforms including Drupal and custom software systems. Contact us for details.


~ Check out our Reseller Resources Page for rebrandable brochures and more! ~