Super Mate is a helpful companion for Superintendents.

The Super Mate App, developed by CODE (Council of Ontario Directors of Education), helps Superintendents have better communication with school administrators by providing instant access to relevant information and resources.

Digital Resource Management

Super Mate makes relevant content, such as school information, board and provincial resources, a contact directory and handy mobile forms, instantly accessible to School Board Superintendents. Users can simply “favourite” a document to add it to their virtual “briefcase” for easy future access.

Superintendents can use the contact directory to, with a few taps, get in touch with over 500 Ontario education contacts. They can also update their contact information, which will be automatically saved in the cloud-based contact database and in the app.


  • Find nearby schools (list and map views)
  • Change school profile information
  • Review and create private meeting notes


  • Search Provincial and Board Resources
  • View and email documents
  • Complete audit forms and polls

Contact Directory

  • Search the CODE Contact Directory
  • Keep your own contact information up-to-date


  • Save schools, resources and contacts in your virtual “Briefcase” for easy future access

Superintendents can find nearby schools, change school profile information, review private meeting notes and add new ones. They can also search Provincial and Board Resources, view document links, and email them to whomever they wish.

The Super Mate app is administered using a cloud-based dashboard, which allows CODE to manage users, update school information and view form content submitted by Superintendents. CODE can also download reports and data to share with other groups. The dashboard is turnkey and highly intuitive.

To start using the Super Mate App, download the app in either Apple, Android or Blackberry formats and contact CODE for a username and password. Search “CODE Super Mate”

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