Viessmann VitoApp: Greater Visibility Into Contractor Activity

Viessmann is a world leading manufacturer of heating and renewable energy systems.

The company leverages a network of installers to sell their products to building owners and managers. As a result, they are one step removed from the end-user relationship, which makes it difficult to understand how their products are being sold and other added-value opportunities that could be offered.

Viessmann approached Weever Apps looking for a way to have more control and visibility into their sales process.

The Viessmann VitoApp Mobile Solution can be downloaded by contractors from the Apple, Android and Blackberry app stores. Marketing materials were sent to contractors asking them to download the app and create an account.

The core function of Viessmann’s VitoApp is warranty registration. Replacing their old paper-oriented system, contractors can now simply use the app to scan the product’s barcode and add the owner’s information.

The contractor can send a copy of the warranty registration to themselves and directly to the customer. The warranty information is automatically and securely sent to Veissmann’s warranty managers who facilitate the company’s Partner Loyalty program.

Contractors can use the app to review brochures and technical manuals. Contractors can review PDFs or email them to whomever they wish. Contractors can also review and register for events, including the Viessmann Academy events.

The Viessmann Vitoapp provides Viessmann with greater visibility into product activity. The solution also allows them to be more involved with their contractor community.

“Weever Apps is a very valuable partner.

They provided great insight and expertise to help guide us through every stage of the project. They were also probably the most responsive partner I have ever worked with. The final solution for our 1,200 installers across North America is wonderful and was built very cost-efficiently.”

Jamie Huether
Marketing Manager – Viessmann Canada

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