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Get it done. Correctly. Every time.

Capture data, automate workflows and manage actionable data.

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Detect issues before they hurt your business.

When inspections are missed, small issues can become big problems. This is true for product quality, preventative maintenance and health, safety and environmental concerns.  A regularly scheduled, properly conducted inspections program can be the difference between organizational success and catastrophe.

Inspection Manager helps you recognize and fix safety concerns, increase machine/equipment up-time, enhance organizational productivity and efficiency, and protect against legal liability.

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Inspections Testimonial - Jillian3


“Inspections Manager makes it easy to run my preventative maintenance program. Inspections just happen when, and by whom, they are assigned. Now, our facility is running like a well oiled machine.”


Operations Manager - WCM Manufacturer

inspection data capture

Collect rich data efficiently.

Create dynamic inspections forms that automate workflows and ensure inspections occur correctly - every time.

Capture photos of inspection failures to help maintenance staff understand the issue.

inspection WORKFLOW

Set it up and go.

Set up the schedule, assignments and required next steps.

Reload forms and edit or add information. Each time the form is edited it creates a unique instance with a new author and timestamp.

Learn more about In Progress Workflows.

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Your entire program at your fingertips.

Spend your time on other matters. You will be alerted if there are any issues and all data is tracked for reporting purposes.

Receive real-time alerts for failed inspections and daily emails that summarize failed and missed inspections.

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