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Electronic Batch Records for Cannabis Production

  • Health Canada ACMPR compliant.
  • Easily configure to suit your unique requirements.
  • Monitor all processes in your facility in real-time.

Simplify Batch Record Management.

You know what needs to get done. You need checks to happen, data to be collected, and processes to be followed.Get it done with Process Manager.

Simplify Batch Record Management.

You know what needs to get done. You need checks to happen, data to be collected, and processes to be followed. Get it done with Process Manager.

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Automate Compliance.

Process Manager EBR is your comprehensive solution for cloud-based, regulated electronic batch management.

  • Audit trails - Record user, change and date/time stamp for all updates
  • Approval Signature - Lock fields when they are approved via authenticated digital signature.
  • Computer System Validation - Configure the software to suit your specific requirements.
  • Comprehensive Reporting - Audits, compliance, KPIs.
  • Data Integrity -  Deletion prevention, form requirements and automated alerts.


Easy-to-use, rich, data capture.



Simple workflows that keep everyone on the same page moving forward.



Intuitive reports and real-time monitoring of everything.

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Super Simple Data Capture

  • Supervisor set up Process Templates that are initiated by staff.
  • Staff execute repeated checks including photo capture and automated calculations.
  • Any issues are reported in real-time.


Get it done faster and error-free.

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Alerts & Notifications

Supervisors are alerted of any issues that arise use a messaging system to resolve them.

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Workflow Management

Staff are alerted when their task is next or a repeated task is due.


Reviews & Approvals

Each step can require one or multiple approvals to be closed.

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Real-Time Visibility

  • Reports featuring audit trails, photos and digital signatures are available for regulatory inspections - making the process efficient and painless.
  • Managers have access to the status of any batch process within the facility and they are alerted if critical issues need their attention.
  • Managers can also view, download and share comprehensive Process Reports.

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