Better Continuous Improvement Data through Digital Transformation

How Juan Vizcaya, Process Engineer, got data flowing with Weever. 

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case study highlights

  • Juan's manufacturing environment faced a common challenge of paper-based data collection leading to stagnation.
  • The need for a better way to bridge the gap between data collection and troubleshooting efforts was evident.
  • Weever's templated forms allowed seamless integration of safety, gemba walks, and other data collection processes.
  • The pricing model made the technology accessible, enabling experimentation and implementation at the plant level

Customer Profile

Juan Vizcaya is a Process Engineer with a decade of experience helping CPG manufacturers implement continuous improvement processes. In his latest role, he found himself working at a small division of a large national food manufacturer that was just taking its first steps towards lean manufacturing and operational excellence.

Juan’s goal was to support the implementation of a lean manufacturing system into his new employer’s plant. To do that he needed data on production, productivity, and other general metrics and inputs required for OEE calculations.  For Juan to help, he needed data.

1: The Challenge

Paper data was stagnating

"Like many manufacturers, Juan’s new employer was gathering information from its production lines via paper and pencil. Production logging and centreline data was being entered onto forms where the data was stagnating. Nobody was analyzing it for insights on how to improve OEE or productivity. 

"As a process engineer, the big opportunity was the ability to manipulate and trend data that we were collecting but was incredibly work intensive to go back and review. Whenever we were trying to do technically based troubleshooting, understand how the process or equipment is running, or how a particular abnormality was generated it was very hard to get the information from our paper system.”

- Juan Vizcaya - Process Engineer

The data was there, but it just wasn’t accessible. On one line production data was stored in the Human-Machine Interface, or required a login to a specific IP address, which made accessing and exporting the data complex and time-consuming. There had to be a better way!

2: The Implementation

Bridging the Gap with Weever

One fortunate day Juan got a call from Weever, the operational excellence software company focused on helping companies reap the benefits of digital solutions. If Juan could find a way to more easily translate the data that was being captured he could find insights to help his employer be more productive.

"I wanted to digitize that so when the operator was doing the work of collecting the data it was bridging the gap between data collection and troubleshooting efforts. Before Weever the data was being captured, but it wasn’t being trended or manipulated in any effective way. Without OEE data there was no meaningful continuous improvement program to speak of.”

- Juan Vizcaya - Process Engineer

Juan partnered with Weever to create digital forms that captured and fed data into a central repository that was easily accessed for two specific areas of the business:

  1. Centreline data: Capturing production parameters by digitizing process data sheets including machine settings. This aided in setting Standard Operating Procedures for each line by being able to look at historical data. They could analyze product abnormalities or machine shutdowns based on operating parameter gaps.
  2. Production logging: As the product was being made and packaged, Weever helped provide productivity metrics. Digital forms gave them instant insight into their productivity cadence.

Data from Weever comes to Juan directly in a CSV which he found very easy to work with. He now had the ability to analyze and manipulate data to generate the insights that would make the plant more productive.  

"We loved that templated forms were available, so when we are ready to add safety, gemba walks etc to our data collection processes, they’re already ready to go. Further, Weevers pricing model was easy for us to approve at the plant level which made this new technology accessible for us to experiment with.”

- Juan Vizcaya - Process Engineer

3: The Results

With data now flowing freely in a format that he could use, Juan made huge strides towards implementing the lean manufacturing goals his plant leadership had envisioned.

“What I liked about Weever was the ability to customize it, and the fact that the tool itself was developed with Lean Manufacturing in mind. Creating forms with Weever was very easy. When we needed support the Customer Support team was available and invested in our success."

- Juan Vizcaya - Process Engineer

Juans’s case is an excellent example of what can be accomplished with Weever. We have helped organizations of all shapes and sizes worldwide achieve operational excellence and we can also help you. Schedule a quick chat today with our Business Development Team to learn more about how Weever could help you realize your goals. 

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