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Inspections Manager Knowledge Base

Add Video to Info Box

The Info Box is a Form Builder Element that allows app administrators to add information and instructions to forms, including: Links to app content or outside sources HTML and embed codes Free text Images Videos (via embed codes) Follow these steps to add a video: 1. Launch the Form Builder from the menu within your…

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Adding content to your forms – Info box

This article describes how to add an info box to your form. This guide applies to Forms. Start in the Form Builder, either by editing an existing form or creating a new form. Under the “Add new form fields” tab, locate “Info Box” and click it. This will bring up the “Field Settings” for the Info…

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CRQS Form Fields

Customer/Consumer Relevant Quality Standards (CRQS) methodology is used to score product quality against defined standards. The CRQS serves two purposes. They act as a standard in the design of new products and are used to measure compliance of products in factories, warehouses, and markets where they are sold. The scoring of consumer units is performed…

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M-EWO Reports

Maintenance Emergency Work Orders (M-EWO) are important to WCM because they summarize incidents and facilitate the root cause analysis and action item planning process that occurs after a maintenance issue, such as a machine breakdown. The Weever Apps M-EWO section makes it easy for staff to initiate, update and track M-EWOs. Initiate a report -…

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Linking from one form to another

In certain cases it can be beneficial to link from one form to another. An example of this is at the end of an audit you can link to a root cause analysis form for the user to complete if some conditions are met. Adding a link is simple using Info Boxes. Info Boxes are…

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Data Sources

    A Data Source is a data table of information that can be injected as a field into a form. Common examples of data sources include materials, machines, departments, customers and locations, shifts, and so on. Essentially any commonly used database can be added to your app as a data source.      …

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