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Process Manager Knowledge Base

Process Manager Data Collection

Collecting data using Process Manager is a highly efficient and enjoyable experience for staff. The product’s mission is to provide value to workers by efficiently collecting necessary data and also by providing instructions, ensuring required steps are followed, and helping them collaborate on solutions. Before data collection can occur, app administrators need to digitize forms…

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Process Manager wins Innovation Award

Weever Apps is proud to be acknowledged as Frost & Sullivan’s “New Product Innovation Award” winner for the North America Enterprise Mobile Forms market. Process Manager has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan, a world leader in business research and consulting, as the most innovative new product in the category. According to Frost, Process Manager…

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How to build a Process Template

Process Manager is used to manage all facets of Electronic Batch Record management by food, beverage and drug manufacturers. A major requirement of FDA and CFIA regulations is to determine the “Readiness for commercial manufacturing” and the “conformation to application” of the manufacturers. In simple terms, this basically translates to (1) are you set up to…

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Add Video to Info Box

The Info Box is a Form Builder Element that allows app administrators to add information and instructions to forms, including: Links to app content or outside sources HTML and embed codes Free text Images Videos (via embed codes) Follow these steps to add a video: 1. Launch the Form Builder from the menu within your…

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Adding content to your forms – Info box

This article describes how to add an info box to your form. This guide applies to Forms. Start in the Form Builder, either by editing an existing form or creating a new form. Under the “Add new form fields” tab, locate “Info Box” and click it. This will bring up the “Field Settings” for the Info…

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FDA Regulated Software Validation Process

FDA requires software vendors to add features to their software to ensure data integrity and audit trails. The manufacturers that use the software for data capture and workflow management relating to FDA compliance are also required to undergo a validation process to ensure the configured software works as intended. Download this document to get a…

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