A collection of web-apps designed to help Superintendents better manage their day.

Training and collaboration - anywhere, anytime.

Create and share school visit notes.

Capture and Digitize Expenses instantly.


A Helpful Companion

Superintendents are busy and we want to help. The CODE Suite is a collection of simple tools designed to make your day better and your work easier. Use the suite to:

  • Collect data including photos and documents
  • Standardize and download spreadsheets
  • Share with peers
  • Access learning opportunities
  • Connect with your association

CODE Suite Knowledge Base

Got a question? Please review our knowledge base below or email John.

How do I add an expense?

Image of a receipt on a plate under a flower

This affects the “CODE Expenses” application. Log into the “CODE Expenses” app using your credentials. On the sidebar menu, click on “Expenses” At the top right, click on “New Expense”…

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If I’m registered for one app, am I registered for all the apps?

GIF demonstrating the login to a new app

You can use the same user profile to access the other apps in the suite, however, you will need to request access by logging in. To access another app on…

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How do I register?

The CODE Suite of apps is free forever for Ontario School Board Superintendents. Your registration will be approved by a CODE administrator. Follow these steps to register: Select an app…

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