Data Collection

Rich data. Compliant and efficient.

To pursue perfection in manufacturing, you need to collect rich data in the quickest possible way so that operators can get back to managing the lines. The tools you use need to enable and empower staff - not get in the way.

Learn more about how digital data capture will fuel your pursuit of perfection.

We drive Operational Excellence for some of the best companies in the world.

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The best way to understand our software is to experience it.
Designed for Manufacturing

Submit with Purpose.

Your operators are not just “filling out a form”, they are providing vital information that will be used to improve processes, ensure defects don’t leave the facility, eradicate unplanned downtime and ensure accidents never happen.

That’s a lot of responsibility. You need a platform designed for the unique needs of your operators. Big buttons. Fast logic. Intuitive. Purposeful.

Flexible Form Builder

Capture what you need.

Adapt pre-existing templates or create your own forms. Use pre-existing fields or we will develop fields designed specifically to accelerate your unique requirements.


Make “pencil whipping” a thing of the past.

Add multiple approval steps where supervisors “review” data and managers “approve” it. Select the specific form fields that are locked with a signature.


Say a thousand words.

Staff can take photos using the native camera or upload photos on virtually any device. This saves time and adds rich context to reports.


Motivate staff to go the extra mile.

Automate rewards. Our software assigns points when certain forms are submitted so your staff get rewarded.

They can trade their points for rewards in your self-managed marketplace. It’s easy, fun, and ensures staff are recognized for their continued contribution.

Software Compliance

Have peace of mind that you are covered.

Software compliance means that the tools you are using to collect the data can stand up to a third-party audit. This includes a comprehensive audit trail so any changes with the system are traceable. It also includes security measures for access and signatures.

Our software is CFR 21, Part 11 (FDA) compliant which means that the processes you want to track include stringent software compliance measures. This ensures the highest level of data integrity.

Scheduling & Assignments

Set it and forget it.

Automate schedules and assignments so that staff are aware of assignments and due dates. Assign tasks to machines, users or lines. Adapt schedules as required.

Once your schedules are set, you can spend less time “babysitting” and focus more on strategic planning and collaborating on issues as they arise.

The Pursuit of


Pursue perfection and achieve operational excellence through enhanced visibility, collaboration and productivity in quality, maintenance, safety and focused improvement. Shift to a culture of excellence by making continuous improvement easy, accessible and empowering.



Reduce accidents and develop a culture of prevention.



Ensure compliance and the customer’s needs are exceeded.



Increase OEE through autonomous schedules and predictive insights.



Reduce waste through kaizens fuelled by employee suggestions.

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The best way to understand our software is to experience it.