Data Integration

Share your data with other business systems automatically.

Push the data you capture with Weever to numerous cloud-based software applications, including Microsoft Power BI, Quickbooks, Salesforce and more. Weever’s OData REST API ensures seamless and secure data integration across your organization’s Data Lake.

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Instead of using disparate reporting systems for different departments, many organizations are moving to a “Data Lake” strategy where information from multiple sources is integrated and assimilated. Data Lakes offer a more comprehensive and efficient reporting solution, allowing managers to have a single source of truth for organization performance.

To serve this need, Weever offers a data integration that is simple to use. The language is called OData (Open Data Protocol), which is the current best practice for building and consuming REST APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). With OData, your data is securely shared with your Data Lake in real-time.

These are some of the applications with which you can share your Weever data today →

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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is the industry leader in KPI reporting software. Instead of adapting your business to suit the reporting capabilities of your software, create your own reports using Microsoft Power BI.

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