Non-Routine Tasks (NRT) forms are used to request approval for one or more staff to undertake any hazardous work where the staff person(s) have not trained with the task-specific SOP or have not completed said task in the last 30 days.

  • Collect rich information in real-time including photos and eSignatures.
  • Add videos for instant re-training to ensure the process is completed correctly.
  • Send alerts to different department heads based on severity of the issue.
  • Save "In Progress" workflows.
  • Review progress at any time.
  • Download comprehensive, raw data reports.

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Step 1 - Add Project Summary Info

NRT Step1

Step 2 - Identify PPE

NRT Step2 - PPE

Step 3 - Confirm & Complete Work Permits

  1. The application provides questions that determine the work permits required.
  2. The application then provides access to the permits to be filled out and approved.
NRT - Work Permits

Step 4 - Add Precautionary Steps

NRT - Steps

Step 5 - List Workers

NRT - List workers

Step 6 - Supervisor Approval

NRT - Supervisor Approval

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