Food Manufacturing COVID-19 Distancing Case Study


One of our customers is an international CPG organization. They have been using Weever for years now to manage activities relating to operational excellence including Focused Improvement (Suggestions, Kaizens), Quality (Batch Records, CAPAs), Maintenance (Operator CILs, Machine Ledger) and Safety (Incidents, Inspections, Observations).

When the COVID-19 epidemic became a reality, this customer took steps to “segregate” their lines to limit staff exposure to one another.



The first intervention they took was to require staff, contractors and visitors entering the building to complete a questionnaire in the Weever platform that asked leading indicator questions about COVID-19 exposure including:

  1. Have you been in contact with a confirmed patient?
  2. Have you been to a designated high risk country in the past 14 days?
  3. Do you have any flu-like symptoms like fever, dry cough, etc.?

Data Collection on Tablets

They are also using Weever to collect data on the floor and manage workflows to ensure compliance with FDA and ISO regulations.

Each staff member has their own tablet to collect data either based on an inspection schedule or when events occur and require data capture. The technicians regularly wipe down the surfaces.

For example, operators view a schedule of autonomous clean, inspect and lubrication tasks that are assigned to them or the line they are working on. They can also collect sample inspections for batch records based on a pre-defined schedule.

If a line stops, a sensor automatically creates an Emergency Work Order form including the stoppage data that can be addressed or dismissed by the operator.

Workflow Management

They use their tablets to freely collaborate on issues when they arise. Technicians have access to the action items assigned to them each shift. Supervisors and Managers have access to the real-time data, assignments, due dates, approvals and reports.

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