Why digitize your employee training program?

Andy Pritchard  |   March 23, 2022  |    4 min read

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    Employee Training & Recertification programs can have a lot of moving parts, which makes them complex and hard to manage. Training program content can require updates as things change. Scheduled training sessions can be missed resulting in compliance issues.

    Digitization helps to elevate engagement, simplify administration and ensure compliance requirements are met. 

    How does Employee Training Management work?

    Employee Training is the process of providing staff with the skills and knowledge to do their job effectively. Training usually involves instruction and testing, both of which can be administered in-person or virtually.

    Staff are “on boarded” when they first begin a new job, which includes job-specific training as well as basic training on job-related functions such as safety, HR, compliance, etc.

    It is good practice for corporations to invest in their staff with training programs that elevate skills and provide opportunities for career development/advancement.

    Quizzes are used to test staff members knowledge on various topics. Quizzes can be used immediately after training to test comprehension, periodically or as part of a recertification process.

    Corporations can manage some certifications internally, however most are regulated by third party training organizations.


    Employee Training Programs are important because:
    1. According to many studies, training is the most important factor affecting employee retention.
    2. Builds knowledge, skills, experience and confidence.
    3. Fosters Employee Engagement.
    4. Enables internal promotion, which is essential to Lean Methodologies.
    5. Provides training records for compliance audits.
    6. Outlines opportunities for training and knowledge gaps that need to be addressed.


    Why digitize your Employee Training Program?

    So what are the core benenfits that are a result of digitizing your Employee Training Program using software?

    Training & Recertification programs can have a lot of moving parts, which can make them complex and hard to manage. Training program content can require continuous updating as things change and training schedules can be missed, resulting in compliance issues.

    Employee Training Management Software helps to simplify administration and ensure schedules are adhered to. Digitization makes training content (including quizzes and recertification schedules) much easier to manage and provides a more accessible and engaging experience for staff members.

    REASON 1

    Increase Engagement & Accountability
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    Features like schedules, real-time activity, rewards and notifications enable all stakeholders to see who is doing the work and who is not. Digitization makes training content more accessible, simpler to follow, and easier to use. As a result, software increases engagement and accountability, reducing the time wasted "nagging" staff to complete training requirements.

    REASON 2

    Ensure Compliance

    Digital solutions allow you to ensure that all processes are followed correctly - the first time and every time. Software can be configured to guide staff through the experience with on-demand instructions and callouts that are presented based on the user's selection.

    Managers also have enhanced real-time visibility so they can understand if staff have not completed recertifications. As a result, software helps to ensure required training is not missed and completed correctly, which ensures compliance to regulations, corporate commitments and internal SOPs.

    REASON 3

    Enhance Efficiency and Productivity

    Employee Training Management software is highly accessible, providing staff the opportunity to engage on their own device, whenever they have a moment. Simplified user experiences reduces interuptions and let's staff get into the "flow" of learning.

    Also, software automates workflow and reporting administration, so managers can save time and money usually associated with program management. This allows training managers to spend less time in front of spreadsheets and more time doing the "real work" of elevating the skills of the organization's employees.

    Employee Training Management

    • Instantly update customized templates including training content (videos/presentations) and quizzes.
    • Build and edit schedules including assignments and due dates.
    • Automatically grade and provide instant feedback.
    • Instantly understand who has been trained on what and what upcoming recertifications need to be completed.
    • Automate workflows and reporting.

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