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Digitization ensures workers have all the information they need to complete the job correctly - the first time and every time.

Digital data capture is inherently more efficient than paper forms. Documents are instantly converted into data that can be analyzed anywhere by anyone with clearance.

By having tools available on virtually any device, you ensure that the most up-to-date workflows, information and documentation is available to your staff immediately.

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Schedules are necessary for work that needs to happen on a regular basis.

Schedules can be based on time or can be based on specific conditions. Many businesses have challenges with maintaining schedules and ensuring they are followed mostly due to training and a lack of accountability and operational visibility.

Digitizing schedules is a great way to ensure everyone clearly understands what is required. Making schedules public helps to ensure accountability because everyone knows when they are missed and by whom.

Inspections Manager has scheduling as a core part of their functionality.

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Info Boxes

Staff can waste a lot of time if they do not have all of the information they need to complete a task.

Info Boxes allow administrators to add to forms any information they deem necessary, including videos, links to documents, text and imagery.

Skilled workers can gloss over these sections while less experienced staff can review each step. This helps to dramatically reduce on-boarding and gets staff to work faster and better.

Take Photos


A picture says a thousand words. Filling out forms is necessary, however, less time spent submitting data means more time for higher value jobs. Our software is designed to make the data capture process as simple as possible.

One way to dramatically increase efficiency is to replace descriptions with a simple photo capture. In many cases, a photo is all that is required to inform supervisors of issues and get action plans rolling.

Our software lets users draw sketches on the photos too.



Simple, flexible workflows are an easy and effective way to ensure the team is moving forward in the same direction.

When forms are submitted they are automatically added as a ticket to a workflow that can be assigned to another user.

Inspection Manager includes an automated process whereby any failed inspection is automatically added to an “In Progress” workflow that can be assigned to a technician, updated and closed.

Process Manager laptop tablet


Digitizing workflows enhance efficiency in many ways.

Administrators have the opportunity to standardize the process and train staff on the most efficient way to complete the task. Staff are provided with the information they need to move the process forward. Accountability is increased because stakeholders can clearly see what task and user is holding up the process.

Process Manager is designed to simplify workflow management, making it easy for administrators to create processes and for staff to follow them.


Conditional Fields & Requirements

Paper forms can be completed in many ways and critical information can be missed. Manual calculations, notifications and workflows can take time and leave processes open to human error.

Automating steps and using required fields ensures that forms are completed accurately, which saves time and headaches.

Forms Manager, for example, includes conditional email fields whereby administrators can have different app users notified depending on the user’s selection.


Document Management

How much time is wasted in your facility by technicians finding documents before they can complete work?

Having instant access to the most up-to-date documents can save staff a lot of time and ensure the correct process and/or information is used to solve the issue.


Form Builder Templates

Form Builder templates make it easy for administrators to configure forms to suit specific requirements. View some of our form builder templates for safety, maintenance, quality assurance, training & HR and continuous improvement.

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