Weever Rewards
Reward your staff for helping your organization grow.

We enable Operational Excellence for some of the best companies in the world.

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“Weever is very fast and very efficient. Everything just works and flows. It’s really nice to work with. I love it.”

Carmen Hartigan, Training Coordinator - Ben & Jerry's

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“Weever has changed how I run our business.”

Ingrid Knies, Plant Director - Mars-Wrigley

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"Everything is logged digitally with Weever so the data is saved and accessible by anyone in real-time."

Amy Dorney, Safety Health Environment Manager - Unilever


Add Points

Award points to form submissions.

Collect Points

Submit forms, get rewarded.

Get Rewards

Claim rewards and feel recognized.

Foster a winning culture. 


Assign reward points to forms

Use the Form Builder settings to add points to forms. Modify points at any time.

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Everything in one place

Operations + Rewards in the same app

Do your staff need another software program to manage operations and get rewards? The Rewards add-on integrates operations with rewards so you manage workflows and get rewarded all in the same place.


Instant and immediate reward recognition

Staff receive a notification when they have been awarded points. A personalized point total is displayed on the homepage of the app. Supervisors can award and revoke points at any time.

trim the fat

Simple and Streamlined

Trim the fat of bloated Rewards Software

Some rewards software is bloated with cute badges and social media-style feeds that look cool but you will never use in practice. Simplicity aids understanding and performance. Rewards trims the fat and cuts to the core needs of a rewards program - do this and get recognized.


Easy and effortless rewards fulfillment

To redeem rewards, staff access your branded marketplace that lives within the same app they use earn points. The marketplace consists of the rewards you want to provide and your staff desire, such as tickets to local events.

self manage rewards

Self-Managed Rewards

Create a branded marketplace just right for you

Don’t pay excessive markups to have access to some random “prize pool”. Create a marketplace that is relevant to your organization and contains rewards your staff actually want.


Download our Brochure

Interested in learning more? Do you want to share information about Weever with a colleague? Request a copy of our brochure that provides:

  • Operational Excellence Explained
  • Software Features
  • Case Studies
  • Key Success Factors
The best way to understand our software is to experience it.