About Weever

Weever is a growing software company based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We build cloud-based software products that large enterprises use to capture data, manage workflows, and access actionable reports. We replace clipboards and filing cabinets with tablets and databases and provide alerts, analysis, and other features that make data useful.

Our customers include:

  • Mars (yep, like the candy bars!)
  • Unilever
  • Kellogg’s
  • … and many more!

We tackle big problems with a small, focused team and powerful technology.

Job Description

Forms Manager is our workflow application for “continuous improvement” and digital forms and documents in manufacturing sites.

We use technologies including Angular, Vue, and more and we are looking for additional developers to join this exciting project. This is a full-time position with our dedicated, small, product team.

We only accept applications from Canada for this position at this time.

Day to day activities:

  • Work with our product manager and development team to create new features, interfaces and more
  • Help us to improve our application performance and capabilities
  • Engage in an iterative cycle of design and testing with our product and engineering team
  • Support test coverage, automation and a quality application from within

Please apply to join our team if at least two of the following apply to you:

  • You have excellent communication and soft skills
  • You have experience with Vue or libraries similar to Vue in structure
  • You have extensive experience working with legacy codebases, such as ones written in AngularJs
  • You have experience in Node.js, Ruby on Rails, or other backend frameworks
  • You are very comfortable with JavaScript in general, and consider writing software tests to be paramount to good code
  • You are familiar with Domain Driven Design, CQRS, or Event Sourcing

Bonus points if:

  • You’ve worked with Node.js and/or PostgreSQL previously or have solid backend experience
  • You have experience in TypeScript and/or Flow, functional programming, or languages like Haskell, F#, or Rust
  • You have experience with CSS, a11y, and/or semantic markup
  • You are passionate about the problems our customers face and are excited work on solutions that improve the lives of essential workers

Benefits of Working at Weever

We prioritize our teams first. A great team is given the autonomy and support to execute the plan and do their best work. We trust our teams.

In order to support you we offer:

  • A remote-friendly culture: communication is key and we have team members that work remotely full-time.
  • A great office: if you want to work on site, expect: a quiet working environment in a beautiful two-story Victorian, lots of space and parking if you need it.
  • Ownership: We’re small and focused and will need you to help us find the answers.
  • Agile development: Our scrum teams have dedicated processes and roles.  We’re committed to continuous improvement and supporting your work.
  • Training: team members have access to a plethora of training materials, conferences, and we encourage pair-programming and mentorship.
  • Insurance: For our Canadian employees we have a good benefits package offering dental, drugs, and other kinds of coverage.
  • Vacations: Our team members must take them.
  • Interesting Problems: Not all of the problems we encounter have frameworks or well-defined solutions.

Application Process

Our hiring process consists of four steps:

  1. Use the below form to submit your resume, cover letter and a link to Github (or similar portfolio of your code) or send an email to jobs -at- weeverapps.com
  2. Initial call
  3. Technical Screen
  4. Final Interview

We start with an initial call in order to answer any initial questions you may have about us and to discuss your experience.

The technical screen can be completed either in-person or remotely at your leisure. We don’t want to take up much of your time! The in-person screen is prescriptive: write some code to make a suite of tests pass and should take less than an hour. The take-home is less prescriptive and designed to be a small, short project to be completed at your own pace within a few hours at most (or more if you need it, there are no hard limitations).

We use the results of the technical screen as a barometer for the final interview. We don’t do any white boarding or other hazing rituals in the final interview. We only use the technical screen to cater the technical depth that we can use in the final interview.

We’re pretty quick to follow up, potentially with an offer, within a day or two of the final interview.

Of course we’re trying our best to be as inclusive as we can be and we prefer candidates from all members of the community, including those from under-represented groups. We are a diverse group and we believe it gives us strength. If you have any requests or questions about our hiring practices we’d appreciate to hear from you. We are happy to do anything we can to accommodate the situations of our applicants. Please let us know if you have any special requirements to accommodate the situations of your application or employment with us.

How to Apply

Send an email to send an email to jobs -at- weeverapps.com with your resume and a cover letter.  In your cover letter, please mention the job for which you are applying and where you found this posting or who referred you to us so we can thank them.

We can only accept applications from Canada for this position at this time.