You can add up to 3 YouTube videos to any module (or lesson) within a course in Training Manager. You can also add videos to Competency Tasks and directly to quizzes using Info Boxes. To add a YouTube video you need to upload a video to YouTube and then copy and paste the video’s web-address (URL) into Weever Apps. Make the video “Unlisted” if you don’t want it found on Youtube.



Here’s how you do this.


Step 1: Login to YouTube and “Upload Video”



  • Pro-Tip – if you do not want your video found on YouTube, make sure you set it to “Unlisted”. You can change this setting before you start the video upload, while it is uploading and processing and after the video is set up.


Step 2: Add video information and click “Done”




Step 3: Click on the video link and copy the video’s web-address or URL from the browser bar.

Step 4: Open Training Manager and navigate to the module to which you want to add the video.

  • Open the Training Builder section
  • Click on the Category
  • Click on the Course
  • Click on the Module (or Lesson)



Step 5: Add the video


  • Select “+ Add video
  • Add the video’s web-address (URL)
  • Click Save Changes
  • You’re done – the video is now added to your module