How does the Form Builder Work?

Create forms, quizzes, competency checks and so much more. Add fields to forms and configure the field's settings. Use form fields to collect data and guide user's efficiently through the process.



Form fields include:

  • Auto-capture upon submission - Forms automatically capture user, date/time stamp, location metadata
  • Photo Capture - capture multiple images using device’s native photo capture capabilities. Add sketches and annotation layer.
  • eSignature - hand-drawn signature coupled with login authentication.
  • Dynamic multi-option fields (e.g. dropdowns, multiple choice (radio buttons), checklists.)
  • Auto-complete look-up for data sources - provides a list of options based on a pre-defined data source (e.g. machine parts, shifts, lines, customer’s, app users, etc.)
  • Quiz questions - Including correct answer identification.



Custom Form Elements can be added to your app to meet unique requirements, including:

  • Precise workflow requirements (i.e. worker A, then worker B, then supervisor, etc.)
  • Unique data collection requirements
  • Unique number field requirements

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