Form Builder

The Form Builder tool makes it easy for application administrators to adapt templates or create new forms from scratch. Each new form creates a new Form Report within the app where each submission is a row and each column is a field. Any updates to your forms will instantly update the forms in your app and the columns in your form reports.

Use the form builder to add:

  • Photos - capture multiple photos in one field
  • Conditional Email - set up a list of dropdown selections. A different user will be emailed based on the user's selection.
  • User Lookup - auto-complete field to look up any user in the system
  • Paragraph and summary descriptions - includes talk-to-text capabilities on mobile devices
  • Single Line Text - specify text or numbers
  • Sketches - users can draw with their finger or stylus
  • Data Source inputs - create data sources that update available selections in dropdown forms including lines/work areas, shifts, machines, locations and so on.
  • Date and Time - collect date and/or time. Automatically add the current date/time or leave this blank.
  • Unique ID - create an automatically generated and sequential unique ID for each submission and workflow ticket.
  • Dynamic data capture field - including drop downs, multiple choice, checkboxes
Info Boxes-2

Add instructions to guide the process.

Use Info Boxes to provide content to your forms from simple section headers to photos, videos and links to documents.


Tickets help your work flow.

After a form is submitted, it can be added to a list of action items that need to be reviewed by a manager before closing.

The manager can add comments and assign action items to another staff member.


Duplicate, modify and publish.

You can create your own forms or modify our existing form templates. You have access to an entire library of form templates that you can duplicate, modify and publish.