Form Builder

The Form Builder comes with many standard Form Builder Elements (or fields). Weever also creates custom form builder elements to service our customer's unique requirements.

Standard Form Builder Elements include:

  • Submit Photo - capture multiple photos in one field and add sketches
  • eSignature - capture a drawn signature for approval purposes
  • Conditional Email - set up a list of dropdown selections. A different user will be emailed based on the user's selection.
  • User Lookup - auto-complete field to look up any user in the system
  • Summary Descriptions, Single Line & Paragraph Text - includes talk-to-text capabilities on mobile devices.
  • Number - Restrict an input to a number. Identify high and low thresholds and decimal places.
  • Sketch - users can draw with their finger or stylus
  • Data Source inputs - create data sources that update available selections in dropdown forms including lines/work areas, shifts, machines, locations and so on.
  • Date / Time - collect date and/or time. Automatically add the current date/time or leave this blank.
  • Submit a File - Users can upload a file like a PDF, word doc, etc.
  • Unique ID - create an automatically generated and sequential unique ID for each submission and workflow ticket.
  • Total Repair Time - Calculate the Maintenance End Time and Total time from a recorded number of events.
  • Priority - Priority selections will appear as a column in the "in progress" report for any form configured to create an open ticket on submit.
  • Dropdown, Checkbox and Radio Buttons - Provide a list for user's to select from. Create a dialogue box to capture additional information based on a given selection. Show additional fields conditionally based on a selection.
  • Send email copy - Identify users you'd like email a PDF copy of the form to by typing their names in to the text field. Upon typing, auto-complete options appear in a dropdown below the field.
  • Why Why Analysis and Root Cause - Describe why a problem occurred and then describe the underlying "why" (the source issue) and repeat.
  • Auto-Calculation - Create a custom, automated calculation from number fields and constants that will appear in a form.
  • Call Out Box - Provide instructions to users. Have it automatically appear with conditional logic based on a selection or an automated calculation.
  • Qualitative Scoring - Add a dropdown, radio or checkbox field that includes a score for a selection - for example, if the selection is "Pass" add 5 points to audit.
  • Info Box - Add videos, images, text and html to your forms to provide instructions or a more multimedia experience to users.

Conditional Logic

Reveal fields based on user selections including text or numbers.


Duplicate, modify and publish.

You can create your own forms or modify our existing form templates. You have access to an entire library of form templates that you can duplicate, modify and publish.