Martin SC saves over $70,000 per year with Weever.


“It’s amazing because things are being fixed before anybody knows there’s a problem.”

Tim Keeley, Comptroller | Martin SC



  • Martin SC is a 73 year old coatings applicator in Northern Louisiana.
  • Martin SC needed a better way to streamline communications, record retention and visibility.


  • Weever Process was implemented to coordinate the manufacturing process with back office administration as well as drive continuous process improvement.
  • When projects are initiated, all stakeholders are taken through every step in the process and are alerted when their attention is required.
  • Within 4 months, Weever Process allowed Martin SC to bring all aspects of the business and all stakeholders together under one process management software platform.


  • Calculated ROI at annual savings of $70,000/year plus additional benefits and time savings.
  • The on-boarding process was very efficient because the software is highly intuitive.
  • Teams are working faster and resolving issues quickly.
  • Buy-in from administrators occurred simply because information is real-time and more accurate.
  • Ownership is happy because they are seeing results - continuous improvement, enhanced quality and customer satisfaction.

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