Proactive Safety: How Walmart Utilizes Weever to Drive Safety Excellence

Discover why Kody has found Weever, an innovative operations management software platform specializing in Food and CPG manufacturing, to be an indispensable tool for managing Walmart’s BBSO program.


Overview of Food Production Sanitation Regulations

In response to a growing number of foodborne illness outbreaks, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) of 2011 shifted the focus from responsive contamination management to preventing food safety problems before they occur and recognizes the importance of strong foodborne illness and outbreak surveillance systems.


Why you should be executing Autonomous Maintenance and you should start today

Autonomous Maintenance (AM) is the most important pillar within the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) methodology because it provides maintenance teams with the data and the time to make the other pillars happen. There are numerous benefits that can be realized with a well managed AM program. Here are the top benefits that we have witnessed while working with our customers.

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Free Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Observations MS Word Template

Free Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Observations Template Download the Free Observation Template (MS Word) Download the Word Doc Template Get the free templates delivered to your email. Download the Ultimate Guide to Behavior-Based Safety Observations (BBSO) Download the Guide Over 2 million jobs completed for over 100,000 users worldwide. View Testimonials Upgrade your Behavior-Based Safety…


Behavior-Based Safety: A Brief History

The almost century-long history of Behavior-based safety began with research conducted by Herbert William Heinrich in the early thirties. Mr.Heinrich worked for Traveler’s Insurance Company in the early thirties. He reported that roughly 90% of all accidents, injuries, and illnesses were the result of what he called “worker errors.”*


Behavior-Based Safety BBSO Score Card MS Word .doc Template

Your Ultimate Guide to Behavior-Based Safety Observations Download the BBSO Score Card Template Free, customizable MS Word file (.docx) sent to your inbox. What are Behavior-Based Safety Observations? Behavior-Based Safety Observations (BBSO) are an integral part of modern, proactive safety programs. The goal is to reduce the number of incidents by recognizing safe behavior and…


Behavior-Based Safety Overview

Over 90% of workplace incidents are caused by unsafe behaviors, not conditions.
As a result, reducing at-risk behaviors will have the greatest impact on incident frequency and severity.
Behavior-Based Safety Observation (BBSO) programs are the most turnkey and effective way to build better safety practices.


Episode 2: Successful Digital Adoption Requires Patience and Purpose with Paul Nadolski, Continuous Improvement Manager at Kerry

In this episode, we are joined by Paul Nadolski, Continuous Improvement Manager at Kerry. Paul talks about why it’s important to build good habits before implementing technology, why defining the problem is the first piece to coming up with great solutions, and the importance of empathy and soft skills in manufacturing.


Episode 1: Industry 4.0: Going Paperless In Order To Increase Connectivity and Automation with Jake Hall, The Manufacturing Millennial

In this episode, we are joined by Jake Hall, an influencer who’s making waves about Industry 4.0 on social media as The Manufacturing Millenial. Jake explains how technology is the only way to solve a huge problem the industry is facing.


The Importance of Cybersecurity in Protecting Manufacturing Systems

As manufacturing systems have adopted more remote measures over the last two years, the industry has become fodder for cybercriminals. In 2021, the manufacturing industry became the second most targeted just behind finance and insurance. This represents a 300% increase in a single year.


What is Software Localization?

What is Software Localization? Andy Pritchard  |   April 6, 2022  |    5 min read What is Software Localization? Localization in software refers to an application changing state based on the language settings selected by the user. Localization considerations can include currency denominations and all “local aspects” of a culture or geographic area that influence…


4 ways to reduce waste from your Continuous Improvement process

Kaizen is the process of incrementally improving processes by eliminating “waste”. Small improvements over time can have a huge impact on productivity and the bottom line. Waste can come in many forms, including unnecessary inventory, physical movements and scrap. Kaizen only works if everyone is involved, which includes top management and, more importantly, the workers…


The Inspector is coming. Are you ready?

The CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency), Health Canada and the FDA can audit any facility at any time. Audits can be invasive and a highly disruptive experience –  especially if you are not ready. Inspectors have the right to review any staff, procedures, product samples, documents and data in order to assess that (1) you…

woman maintenance manager on - square 1200 xline 72559730_m

USA Food Manufacturing Compliance Requirements

Compliance for manufacturing organizations is comprised of technical, legal and corporate requirements, regulations and practices manufacturers must comply with in order to produce and market products. Numerous areas of compliance can come to bear on manufacturers directly or indirectly, including: Product safety Health, safety, and environmental impact Data protection Export controls Anti-corruption IT safety and…


Why use software to manage Work Permits?

Why use software to manage Work Permits? Steve McBride  |    Jan 8, 2022  |    6 min read The Permit To Work system (PTWs) authorizes, approves and manages the workflow of non-standardized construction, maintenance, inspection or repair activities that pose a potential risk to personnel, damage to equipment or facilities, disruption of operations or…


What is Root Cause Analysis and how does software help?

What is Root Cause Analysis and how does software help? Andy Pritchard  |   March 24, 2022  |    5 min read Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a process that is usually required as part of other larger processes. Whether you are performing a CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) for a product defect or an Incident…

F-tag system 600x600

What are F-tags and why digitize them?

What are F-tags and why digitize them? Andy Pritchard  |   March 17, 2022  |    4 min read F-tag is a visual work order system where staff apply paper tags to machines when a process abnormality is observed. “F” stands for Fuguai, which is Japanese word that means “deviation” or “abnormality”. F-tags can be for…


10 Reasons you need to digitize Safety Audits today.

Weever specializes in digitizing operational workflows. We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes who are frustrated with paper forms and spreadsheets. They want to save money, become more efficient, and spend their time more wisely.


Behavior-Based Safety Observation Ideas

Safety Observation (BBSO) ideas and questions to ask. Andy Pritchard  |   April 21, 2022  |    5 min read What are Behavior-Based Safety Observations? Behavior-Based Safety Observations (BBSO) are an integral part of modern, proactive safety programs. The goal is to reduce the number of incidents by recognizing safe behavior and eliminating unsafe practices either…

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 1.44.16 PM

Weever Speeds Deployment, Achieves 99.9% Uptime by Migrating to AWS

      Cutting Through the Clutter Improving the efficiency of business processes—especially by digitizing paper-based, manual workflows—can deliver significant benefits. One McKinsey study notes that digitizing information-intensive processes can reduce associated costs by up to 90 percent. While organizations invest millions in upgrading and maintaining equipment and training employees, employees often still spend too…


Best Practices for GMP Audit Checklist

Home / Zero Blog / Best Practices for GMP Audit Checklist Best Practices for GMP Audit Checklist Andy Pritchard   |    December 5, 2021   |    4 min read TABLE of contents What does a standard Operational Audit Schedule for a typical food company look like? If harnessed correctly, GMP audits can have a massive…


Why ERPs are not Maintenance Management Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is great at what it does. Unfortunately, that does not include being an intuitive data capture and workflow tool for your staff. Some of our customers use SAP, Oracle or Netsuite, to manage their business costs, inventory, purchasing, etc.  These ERPs are also supposed to be used for maintenance to…

Phase 3 Solution - Suite

5 tips on how to digitize your manufacturing operations

“Digital transformation” continues to be a hot topic in manufacturing and organizations are either jumping on the bandwagon or getting woefully left behind. The main goal of digitization is usually to enhance operational visibility, optimize resource efficiency and productivity and, ultimately, building better products for less money.Current CEB research and Frost & Sullivan’s Global Digital…


Top 5 Benefits of Paperless Factory Operations

Weever is Operational Excellence Software that empowers the pursuit of perfection by enhancing operational visibility, collaboration and productivity in quality, maintenance, safety and production. Schedule a Free Demo Today! This article reviews the following topics: Real-Time Visibility Cost Savings Employee Engagement Simplicity & Structure Compliance If you are reading this you have probably hit a…

Blockchain network concept , Distributed register technology , Block chain text and computer connection with blue background. 3D Rendering

FDA Regulated Software Validation Process

FDA requires software vendors to add features to their software to ensure data integrity and audit trails. The manufacturers that use the software for data capture and workflow management relating to FDA compliance are also required to undergo a validation process to ensure the configured software works as intended.   What does software validation mean?…


How to Engage Operators in Total Productive Maintenance and Autonomous Maintenance

This approach uses the skills of all employees and seeks to incorporate maintenance into the everyday performance of a facility. And this means everyone, from management and engineers to operators and maintenance technicians. If everyone is involved in maintenance, the benefits can include: Fewer breakdowns and less downtime A safer workplace Better overall performance A…

forms manager production line with tablet 123rf 72532237_s-1200px

3 ways to get operators more involved in maintenance

Creating an autonomous maintenance program is a great way to increase machine up-time and focus on more strategic machine maintenance programs. Getting the operators involved in clean, inspect and lubricate (CIL) maintenance task keeps the line running smoother. Operators learn a bit more about what is “under the hood” of each machine, which makes them…

Factory Digitization

How to effectively manage end-of-shift reports in manufacturing

Weever is Operational Excellence Software that empowers the pursuit of perfection by enhancing operational visibility, collaboration and productivity in quality, maintenance, safety and production. This article reviews the following topics: What are end-of-shift reports and why are they valuable? Broadcast Updates Capture Data with Mobile Devices Report the Essentials and Avoid Clutter A shift report…


Food Manufacturing COVID-19 Distancing Case Study

FOOD MANUFACTURING CASE STUDY One of our customers is an international CPG organization. They have been using Weever for years now to manage activities relating to operational excellence including Focused Improvement (Suggestions, Kaizens), Quality (Batch Records, CAPAs), Maintenance (Operator CILs, Machine Ledger) and Safety (Incidents, Inspections, Observations). When the COVID-19 epidemic became a reality, this…


5 ways to optimize your Preventative Maintenance operations overnight

Better scheduling. Better data. Better insights. Preventive Maintenance programs strive to enhance the OEE and performance of machines. But what do you use to enhance the performance of your PM program? Here are some tips for you to consider that may help you increase the efficiency and productivity of your team. 1. Create an accountable…


ArcelorMittal Poland deploys WCM methodology

Bożena Gajdzik, in his white paper, does an excellent job in outlining the processes used by ArcelorMittal Poland to deploy Total Productive Maintenance and WCM within their factory. I have taken the liberty of outlining the “coles notes” in the bullets below.  This paper is worth a read if you are interested in World Class Manufacturing…


What is World Class Manufacturing?

An excellent overview of WCM can be found at Better-Operations.com https://better-operations.com/2013/05/22/world-class-manufacturing-at-chrysler-and-fiat/ The World Class Manufacturing programme at Chrysler, Fiat & Co. – better operations The company-specific production system ( XPS) of Chrysler is the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) concept, developed by the Fiat Group in 2006. But, what exactly is the WCM? And, what does…


What is Lean Manufacturing?

In short, lean manufacturing is a continuous improvement philosophy promoting system-wide efficiency. Indeed, this system values balanced productivity that harmonizes across the entire value chain. If a particular line is more productive than the other parts in the value chain, it does not benefit the efficiency of production. Therefore, lean manufacturing principles adjust for overall…

Blockchain network concept , Distributed register technology , Block chain text and computer connection with blue background. 3D Rendering

The Effect Of Blockchain Technology In The Manufacturing Industry

Blockchain. That’s been a popular word in recent years, predominantly associated with Bitcoin currency. An initiated few know what blockchain technology is and how it works. Because of its associations with Bitcoin and the media exposure therefrom, people have been making their own assumptions that have been largely tethered to banking, currency, and global markets. We’re…


How to Digitize Construction Site Audits

As a general rule, a supervisor or competent person must inspect a construction site at least once per week to ensure that the site does not reasonably endanger workers. Construction Site Audits include tests and observations necessary for the detection of hazardous conditions. Each region will have its own laws that govern audit requirements and…


Celebrating 10 Years

Weever celebrates 10 years of Manufacturing Operational Excellence.   Weever was founded in 2011 by a small group of entrepreneurs looking to optimize the use of mobile devices. This has evolved into helping companies accelerate operations and supercharge employee engagement. Leveraging our team’s deep experience and our best-in-class customer success, we have supported some of…

How Process Manager saved Christmas

How Process Manager Saved Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and everything in Santa’s workshop was a mess. Learn how Santa cleaned up operations just in time to save Christmas!!! Download the Product Brochure Learn more about how Process Manager works and the effects it will have on your business. Let’s get started. Free Trial Preview modal- Let’s get your…


How to Comply with New OSHA Digitized Reporting Regulations

We enable digital transformation for some of the best organizations in the world. View Testimonials OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) is responsible for protecting worker health and safety in the United States. To comply with OSHA requirements employers must document work-related injuries and illness using 3 forms: Form 300 Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses…

grande yellowhead case study

Transportation Manager keeps operations thriving with Weever Forms

Corey Halabi manages a fleet of over 55 buses and a geographic area stretching across most of Northern Alberta, Canada. Before Forms Manager, Corey had issues retrieving the reports he needed to validate safety. Driver’s operated their vehicles up to 200 kms away from Corey, so safety inspections, time logs and fuel receipts would take…


Social Distancing within the Factory

Most manufacturing is an essential service and must continue during the outbreak of COVID-19. However, that does not necessarily mean that staff cannot socially distance within the factory walls. Manufacturing requires staff to coordinate operations within a defined space. There are many ways that staff interact with each other including: Data Collection: Most factories still…


Factory Wi-Fi Setup

REMOTE FACTORY MANAGEMENT The recent global Covid-19 pandemic has awoken the world to the need for social distancing to combat its spread and “flatten the curve”. Manufacturing is an essential service and must continue during the outbreak of COVID-19. However, that does not necessarily mean that staff cannot socially distance within the factory walls. In…


How to stimulate positive change in your manufacturing facility during a pandemic.

3 tips for enhancing continuous improvement during COVID-19 and beyond. COVID-19 is a global pandemic and there are signs that this virus may change the way we live and work into the future. Many of our customers are food manufacturers who are mandated to continue production. They are taking precautions to keep their staff as…

Factory Digitization

Why digitize factory operations?

Weever is Operational Excellence Software that empowers the pursuit of perfection by enhancing operational visibility, collaboration and productivity in quality, maintenance, safety and production. This article reviews the following topics: Cost Savings Real-time Visibility Automation Simplicity & Structure Compliance There are countless benefits to transitioning paper and spreadsheet-based processes to a digital framework. Paper has…

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