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Small improvements over time can make a huge impact on your KPIs.

There are many advantages to digitizing your process including enhanced profitability, customer relations and employee satisfaction.

From motivating suggestions to automating kaizens and real-time reporting, digital transformations will have a dramatic impact on your business.

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Action Plans

If Kaizens are approved the next step is to move forward and do something about it. Action Plans can include budgets, timelines, assignments and so on. Forms Manager makes it easy to add actions to project and review the current status of action plans.


Kaizens and other Form Templates

Templates make it easy for administrators to configure forms to suit specific requirements. View some of our form builder templates for continuous improvement.


Rewards & Incentives (coming soon)

A major complaint for CI manager is that staff are not engaged in the process.

One reason is that providing suggestions takes time away from their work. This is helped by digitizing the data capture process and making it dramatically more accessible and efficient.

Another reason they are not engaged is there is no incentive. Fast companies use a rewards program to motivate valuable kaizen submissions. Users receive points for approved submissions that they can use to buy rewards from a marketplace.

Let us know if you are interested in this feature and we will advise when it is available to demo.

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Automated Tickets

Simple, flexible workflows are an easy and effective way to ensure the team is moving forward in the same direction. When forms are submitted, they are automatically added as a ticket to a workflow that can be assigned to another user.

Forms Manager allows managers to filter the tickets by category, review the details, assign and update the status.



How do you know that your action plans are having a positive impact on your KPIs? Form Reports help you capture the information you need to make informed decisions to steer your program towards success.

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Audit Trails

Who changes what, when the did it, and for what reason, is important in ensuring the integrity of your data. Process Manager provides a comprehensive overview of any change to form fields.

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