Behavior-Based Safety Observations Reporting Dashboard

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    How do Behavior-Based Safety Observation Programs Work?

    BBSO programs foster a safety-first culture by requiring staff to periodically assess the safety of a given situation. Staff observe other staff members and provide insights on behaviours that are safe and at-risk. Safety managers use the information to provide instruction to individuals and identify training gaps.

    Why are Behavior-Based Safety Observation Programs Important?
    1. Helps to foster a “Safety First” culture by keeping safety “top-of-mind” and continuously reinforcing best practices.
    2. BBSO programs are a low cost and relatively simple way to enhance safety quickly and drive real results.
    3. Reduce costs and problems associated to safety issues.
    4. Provide insights to understand training gaps and in-person instruction.
    Why Digitize Behavior-Based Safety Observation Reports?

    Safety Observations are a secondary requirement and can be missed due to other priorities. Digitizing schedules, notifications, data capture, workflow management and reporting helps to ensure staff are engaged and accountable.

    1. Increase Accountability - Features like schedules, real-time activity, rewards and notifications enable all stakeholders to see who is doing the work and who is not.
    2. Ensure Compliance - Ensure the process is followed correctly
      Captured data is clearer and easy to understand
    3. Enhance Efficiency and Productivity - More accessible and simplified
      Ensure staff are using the most up to date documents
      Save administration time


    • Customizable Form Templates.
    • Easy to use and accessible data capture tool.
    • Build and manage schedules.
    • Guide staff through the process with on-demand instruction.
    • Automate work orders and real-time reporting dashboards.

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