Calendar Reporting

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    How do Calendar Reports Work?

    A Calendar Report is a useful way of visually presenting submitted data so that managers can view schedules, due dates and other date-relative data in a calendar format. Calendar reports, like the one above, can be create automatically using Microsoft Power BI.

    Why are Calendar Reports Important?

    Calendar Reports can play an important role in workflow management by helping us stay on task, be productive and prioritize work.

    1. Make date insights more accessible and easier to understand.
    2. Identify scheduling gaps more easily.
    3. Keep teams on track, focused and productive.
    Why Digitize Calendar Reports?

    While calendars are great, managing physical calendars can be messy and not productive. Digital calendarization allows for schedules and date-driven insights to be more accessible. Digitizing calendar reports also saves time because they are automatically created when a workflow is completed and approved.

    1. Increased Accessibility & Compliance.
    2. Automate Administration.
    3. Enhance Real-time Visibility.

    Workflow Management

    • Customizable Form Templates.
    • Easy to use and accessible data capture tool.
    • Build and manage schedules.
    • Guide staff through the process with on-demand instruction.
    • Automate work orders and real-time reporting dashboards.
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