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    How do Training & Recertification Programs Work?
    • Organizational training is the process of providing staff with the skills and knowledge to do their job effectively. 
    • Training usually involves instruction and testing, both of which can be in-person or virtual. 
    • Usually staff are “on boarded” when they first begin a new job, which includes job specific training as well as basic level training for safety, HR admin, compliance and other related job functions.
    • It is good practice for corporations to “invest” in their staff with training programs that elevate skills and provide opportunities for career development/advancement. 
    • Corporations can manage some certifications internally, however most are regulated by third party training organizations.
    Why are Training & Recertification Programs Important?
    • Strong knowledge, skills, experience and confidence is the number 1 contributing factor to efficiency and productivity. 
    • Fosters Employee Engagement and Retention.
    • Promoting from within is essential to Lean Methodologies.
    Why Digitize Training & Recertification Programs?

    Training & Recertification programs can have a lot of moving parts, which makes them complex and hard to manage. Training program content can require updates as things change. Scheduled training sessions can be missed resulting in compliance issues. Digitization helps to simplify administration and ensure schedules are adhered to.

    • Increase Engagement & Accountability - Features like schedules, real-time activity, rewards and notifications enable all stakeholders to see who is doing the work and who is not.
    • Ensure Compliance - Ensure the process is followed correctly. Captured data is clearer and easy to understand. Ensure staff are using the most up to date documents.
    • Enhance Efficiency and Productivity - More accessible, guided and simplified.
      Save administration time and money by automating reporting and workflows.

    Training & Recertification

    • Customizable Form Templates.
    • Easy to use and accessible data capture tool.
    • Build and manage schedules.
    • Guide staff through the process with on-demand instruction.
    • Automate workflows and real-time reporting dashboards.

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    In just 30 minutes you will learn about customizing and using forms, workflow automation, reviewing reports, and sharing data with other business systems.