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Our scalable and modular technology platform works like a large collection of seamlessly integrated product features that can be quickly assembled and modified to meet customer specifications. As a result, we can get better apps completed in less time and for less budget.


Create forms, quizzes, competency checks and so much more. Add fields to forms and configure the field's settings. Use form fields to collect data and guide user's efficiently through the process.


Use Schedulers to schedule and assign forms. Scheduling is very important for many inspection types to ensure inspections are executed regularly and by whom they are assigned. In a training context, recertifications and training due dates are managed with a scheduler.  

Single-Form Process

There are many cases where it is beneficial to have an entire process managed by a single section within your app. Single Form Processes allow users to track the status of all submissions and create a new submission in the same section. This approach is used for processes that are self contained, which requires less navigation and allows for a more efficient user experience.

User Management

Our User Management module handles app registration, logging in, assignment of access permissions and general user management capabilities.

In Progress Workflows

Form submissions can be automatically added to an In Progress section based on any criteria you determine. For example, “failed” inspections can be automatically added to an In Progress section accessible by your maintenance team. This automation helps to save time and ensures the appropriate users are fully informed about next steps.  


The Documents module allows administrators to make a list of relevant and up-to-date documents available to app users. Administrators simply add document categories and then upload documents to them. Instead of asking managers for documents or wasting time searching for them, users have access to all documents through a simple search.


When you create a form in your app, you automatically create an associated form report. Each report is constructed to include the fields as columns and submissions as rows. As an administrator, you can manage the data collected in your app by search filtering, sorting by multiple columns and data filtering. You can also download the filtered data as a CSV (spreadsheet) file.

Data Sources

A Data Source is a data table of information that can be injected as a field into a form. Common examples of data sources include materials, machines, departments, customers and locations, shifts, and so on. Essentially any commonly used database can be added to your app as a data source.

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