Maintain a "digital twin" of your facility.

Maintain a list of common items, such as machines, lines, equipment, product, etc. Assets can be dropped into any form as an autocomplete field. This ensures the data is standardized and saves time by managing one list.

Manage Lists

Everything in One Place.

Create and manage lists of common elements at your facility. Examples include lines, work areas, machines & equipment, shifts, products, documents, training materials, etc.

Add Asset Fields to your forms

Simplify and Standardize.

Instead of creating a new list for each form, manage one list and inject each into a form simply by dragging and dropping the appropriate form builder element. It’s easy, saves a lot of time and automatically standardizes your reporting.


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Making Better Continuous Improvement Data Available Via Digital Transformation

Juan Vizcaya is a process engineer with a decade of experience helping CPG manufacturers implement continuous improvement processes. Juan’s goal was to support the implementation of a lean manufacturing system. To do that he needed data on production, productivity, and other general metrics and inputs required for OEE calculations.



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"The Weever suite is easy to understand and the support from the team has been amazing!"

Laura Curtis - Operational System and Process Manager, HelloFresh

"Weever saves me time, makes data visible and drives results!"

DENAIR M. - Training Manager

"Weever has changed how I run our business."

Ingrid K. - Plant Director

"Weever is extremely easy to use and simple to manage."

NICKI V - CI Engineer

"Weever gives me immediate insights into my business."

COLIN H. - Operational Excellence Manager

"The Weever team are extremely helpful and are always on hand to help with any questions or queries we may have."

Mel Cadle - Op Ex Lead Process Engineer, HelloFresh

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