Digital Data Capture

Weever makes electronic data capture highly intuitive and easy to configure to your unique requirements. Use the form builder to capture data efficiently. Automate alerts and schedules. Simply work and increase employee engagement.

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Why Digitize?

Efficient, intuitive and rich data capture is the most important factor in building an operational excellence culture. Data helps you understand what is happening, what needs to improve, and if improvements have worked. Paper forms are inherently inefficient compared to digital tools, which are more accessible, efficient and automated. Weever makes it easy to digitize operational forms and reports so you can experience the benefits of digitization today.

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Configure your forms to suit your unique needs.

Customize best-in-breed form templates or start from scratch. Simple and powerful form building tool makes it easy to digitize your operational forms, workflows and reports.

Scoring & Calculations

Big productivity - one  automated decision at a time.

Automate steps so you don't have to waste time doing them. Optimize the data capture experience to ensure compliance and maximize productivity.

Monitor Performance-2


Ensure the work gets done correctly and by the right person - every time.

Automate schedules and assignments so that staff are aware of assignments and due dates. Assign tasks to machines, users or lines. Adapt schedules as required.


Automatically initiate data capture so nothing is missed. 

Create and assign forms based on sensor readings through an automatic integration. Use QR codes on machines and equipment to seamlessly link operators with the right document or form at the right time.

Data Sources

Create a "digital twin" of your facility. 

Maintain a list of common items, such as machines, lines, equipment, product, etc. Data sources can be dropped into any form as an autocomplete field. This ensures the data is standardized and saves time by managing one list.


Save time by showing only what needs to be seen.

Conditional logic allows you to display only fields that are applicable, which saves time and keeps their attention on the floor.


Say a “thousand words” and reduce “guesswork”.

Capture one or multiple photos using virtually any device. Add sketches on top of the photo. Staff can take photos using the native camera or upload photos. This saves time and adds rich context to reports.


Ensure the work is completed correctly with compliant approvals. 

Obtain digital or eSignatures from workers, supervisors and managers at any point during the process.

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Download the data sheet brochure. Learn more about Weever and Operational Excellence. Share the PDF with your colleagues. Get the ball rolling.


“Weever is very fast and very efficient. Everything just works and flows. It’s really nice to work with. I love it.”

Carmen H.


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In just 30 minutes you will learn about customizing and using forms, workflow automation, reviewing reports, and sharing data with other business systems.