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Weever’s customizable reporting automation tools allow you to create stunning dashboards that automatically update in real-time. We use a direct integration with Microsoft Power BI to enable virtually limitless customization - so you can have your data the way you need it.

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5S Audit

The 5S lean methodology is an efficient and simple way to radically enhance efficiency at your facility.

BEHAvior-based safety observations

BBSOs require staff to continuously observe and report on the safe practices of others, providing management with great data to inform follow ups and safety training and keeping safety "top of mind".

Abnormality report

Abnormality reports are central to Operational Excellence because they provide staff with the ability to report and correct process abnormalities before they affect your customer's experience.

GMP Audit

Food manufacturing facilities are required to be compliant to GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes). There are many advantages to digitizing your GMP audits including increased efficiency, capturing richer data and real-time, automated reporting.


Effective incident management requires real-time, accessible tools that ensure fool proof execution.

TRaining Tracker

Training programs can require reams of information and reports to manage effectively. This takes time and costs money to administer. Paper forms can also slow down the process and are prone to errors.

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