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Helping you understand what happened.


A machine component is failing.

When are you going to find out about it?

Tomorrow? Today? Right now? Or Yesterday!

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Preventive Maintenance helps customers prevent breakdowns by regularly cleaning, lubricating and replacing components.

Inspections Manager helps you:

  • Build an inspection and preventive maintenance schedule that is easy to access by operators and maintenance teams
  • Understand trends to better predict component failures and machine breakdowns
  • Enhance maintenance workflows and gain real-time visibility into operations

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If it's not scheduled it's not going to happen.

Maintenance Manager is cloud-based maintenance management software used by manufacturers to increase productivity, efficiency and accountability.

  • Create schedules
  • Automate workflows
  • Track everything

Unlock your team's potential.

build inspection forms


Build maintenance activities and inspection forms.

maintenance schedule inspection


Forms can be assigned to machines or individual users.

real-time visibility


A dashboard and failure notifications make you aware of issues when they happen.



Track inspection metrics to inform preventive, planned and scheduled maintenance measures.


“Maintenance Manager is an intuitive platform that brings all functions of time-based maintenance into one location on the factory floor.

Maintenance Manager - Global Food Manufacturing Organization

Achieve Amazing Results.

One North American customer achieved these results, which benefitted all areas of their business.

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Defect Reporting

400% increase in defect and issue reporting. 


Staff Engagement

500% increase in general staff engagement. 



Over 800 staff hours saved per year and put to more productive use. 

inspection alert

Time to Close

Average time to close work orders reduced from 17 days to 4 days. 


Data Collection

Over 16,000 new form submissions per site in 2 years. 


Abolish 'guesswork' with better data capture.

Tap a few boxes, take a photo, “talk-to-text” and the operators has provided your maintenance team with a wealth of knowledge that gives them instant insight into the problem and potential solutions. This allows maintenance teams to “hit the ground running” on urgent issues.

  • camera


    Capture photos and add sketches. 

  • signature


    Multiple authentication options available.

  • multiple chioce

    Multiple Choice + Details

    Select an option and add details.

  • users

    User Lookup

    Auto-complete from a list of app users. 

  • calculator

    Automated Calculations

    Execute tolerance checks with automated failures. 

  • parts

    Identify Parts

    Auto-complete parts based on ID and description. 


Automate Maintenance Workflows

Failed inspections automatically create an "open" maintenance ticket. Maintenance staff are notified, review the ticket, and manage the repair process. When the job is completed the ticket is "closed".


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