Colin Healy at Unilever puts the "Class" in World Class Manufacturing

Andy Pritchard  |   April 12, 2017  |    5 min read

Colin Healy Accepting Innovation Award from Weever
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    Hamilton, ON, April 12, 2017 -

    Weever congratulates Colin Healy of Unilever, the recipient of the 2016 Digitization Innovation Award.
    Colin Healy, a Manufacturing Excellence Manager at Unilever, has been instrumental in finding new and innovative uses for Weever’s Workforce Digitization apps. Weever has also leveraged his experience to build two new apps that were added to the platform in 2016.

    Finding new ways to use Forms Manager

    Colin Healy is in charge of promoting, enacting and measuring the standards of World Class Manufacturing at the Kilbourn Unilever facility. World Class Manufacturing is achieved through the synthesis of Total Productive Maintenance, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing principles to reduce waste, optimize production and enhance efficiency at every stage in the manufacturing process.

    “At Weever, we love working with customers who find innovative new uses for our applications.” said Steve McBride, CEO, Weever. “Colin lead the charge in 2016 to deploy our Forms Manager app as the standard World Class Manufacturing (WCM) data collection and workflow management tool used at Unilever plants across the USA and Canada.”

    The Forms Manager solution, known at Unilever as the WCM application, is used to manage plant safety, training, lockout procedures, inspections, and more. Staff can input digital data - such as photos, drawings, signatures and more - on virtually any device. The data is provided instantly to supervisors who can quickly assess, assign, and close tickets upon completion. Everything is tracked using a dashboard that provides plant managers with access to real-time operations data.

    Driving WCM initiatives at Unilever Plants

    The WCM solution has provided Unilever with the means to manage workflows that help to drive maintenance measures, optimize yield and eliminate waste.

    “The solution is easy to use and very powerful.” said Colin Healy. “Our staff continue to come up with great ways to digitize more processes as we grow.” The Forms Manager solution is designed to be adaptable to customer requirements, allowing them to create and update forms and workflows as they go and view actionable operations data in real-time.

    Building sustainability and growth at the same time

    Unilever’s global sustainability initiatives, including Project Neutral and the Sustainable Living Plan, mandate the reduction of greenhouse gas, water and waste. Decoupling business growth from environmental impact is a challenge for any organization as the two endeavours can be mutually exclusive.

    Weever's Workforce Digitization Technology helps Unilever drive productivity and sustainability measures at once. The platform enhances efficiency and productivity on the facility floor and reduces paper consumption through digital data collection and management.

    Leveraging experience and insights

    Colin Healy was also instrumental in the development of 2 new Weever products - Documents Manager and Site Manager.

    “We build relationships with our customers and leverage their knowledge, insights and expertise to build new solutions that complement our suite of Workforce Digitization applications,” said McBride.

    The Site Manager app uses a Bluetooth RFID scanner to allow staff and visitors to “badge” in and out of the facility. Supervisors can view an emergency headcount list at any time that shows all users that are on-site and change their status to “safe” when they are witnessed away from the facility.

    The Documents Manager app allows plant managers to upload documents, like machine manuals, to a documents repository that can be accessed by anyone around the facility.


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