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Enhance compliance and accelerate productivity.

Paper-based Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) often require lengthy forms, manual double entries, and exhausting email chains, that delay the execution of corrective and preventive actions.

Process Manager is CAPA automation software that simplifies the process of building, executing and automating workflows, ensuring that your staff are accountable, productive and have the resources they need to move forward.

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Simplify CAPA Workflows.

Adapt pre-built Process Templates to your specific non-compliance workflows. Ensure that all corrective action steps are taken before your team initiates a formal CAPA process.

The Non-Conformance template includes:

  • Problem Identification Process
  • Quick Resolution Assessment
  • Risk Assessment Scoring
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • FDA Compliance record keeping and digital signatures

Optimize Data Capture.

Non-Conformance issues often do not move forward because staff are unaware of their role and capturing the data required can be a painful and time-consuming process.

Process Manager ensures that staff are notified when it’s their turn to get involved. Staff can add photos and the forms will automatically calculate numbers, helping to save time and provide more details data.

Ensure that your staff are accountable, productive and have the resources they need to move forward.


Track progress from beginning to end.

Review the status of all Live Non-Conformance and CAPA projects at a glance. Track action plans and collaborate on solutions in real-time.

3-Steps to Success

Ensuring staff follow all required procedures is as easy as 1-2-3.

Build forms and process templates to ensure required steps are followed.

Staff launch processes and follow the steps and instructions to complete them.

Monitor operations in real-time with the highest level of data integrity and security.

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