Electronic Batch Records for Cannabis Manufacturing

Process Manager EBR is used to manage all facets of Electronic Batch Record management by food, beverage and drug manufacturers. A major requirement of CFIA regulations is to determine the "Readiness for commercial manufacturing" and the "conformation to application" of the manufacturers. In simple terms, this basically translates to (1) are you set up to be compliant and (2) are you following your compliance set up.

Process Manager EBR is designed to help you efficiently manage your CGMP compliance requirements by ensuring your operating procedures are followed to the letter. Managers simply build Process Templates that are launched by staff every time a new batch is started.

Process Templates consist of:

  1. The forms that need to be completed
  2. Steps & Tasks that define the process
  3. Staff roles required to launch given tasks
  4. Specific fields required to complete a give task

This video provide a quick overview of how Process Manager EBR manages batch records for cannabis manufacturers.

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