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  • Eliminate paper forms.
  • Ensure jobs get done correctly every time.
  • Automate workflows and real-time dashboard reporting.
  • Understand when projects are due, who's on them and where they're at.
  • Get started for as low as $199/month

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Reduce costs. Enhance throughput. Increase engagement.

Connected work turns frontline workers into engaged problem-solvers while providing plant and line managers the insights they need to optimize operations and execute work better. Accelerate production gains and reduce bottlenecks across your operations without compromising quality or safety.

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Digital Data Capture

Customize pre-built templates. Guide staff with on-demand instructions, call-outs and tutorials. Capture photos, sketches and digital signatures.

Ensure compliance

Get it right the first time and every time.

The Weever platform makes it easy for you to capture data from the front line, manage workflows and review real-time reports.

Workflow Automation

Automate alerts. Create action plans including assignees and due dates.

Real-time Reporting

Automate dashboard reporting and share data with other business systems.

Workflow Automation

Automate alerts. Create action plans including assignees and due dates.

Real-time Reporting

Automate dashboard reporting and share data with other business systems.


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5S Area Auditing

Abnormality Reporting

Basic Orientation & Quiz

BRC Compliance Audits

End of Shift Report

GMP Compliance Audits

Root Cause Analysis

Shift Handover Reports

Shift Report

Training Tracker

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“Weever saves me time, makes data visible and drives results!”

Denair M.

Training manager


“Weever has changed how I run our business.”

INgrid k.

Plant Director


"This software is extremely easy and simple."

Nicki V.

CI Engineer



We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes who are frustrated with paper forms and spreadsheets and want to get more out of their Production Management System. They want to save money, become more efficient, and spend their time more wisely.

so you can focus on delivering value.

Enable Operational Excellence by empowering your staff to drive continuous improvement and pursue perfection in safety, quality, production, and maintenance through powerful and easy-to-use digital data capture, workflow automation, and real-time reporting.

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Scoring & Calculations


Sensors & QR Codes


Workflow Tickets


Customize templates or build your own forms.

The Form Builder makes it easy for administrators to adapt templates or create new forms from scratch. Create dynamic forms that automate and accelerate operations.

Ensure the work gets done correctly and by the right person - every time.

Automate schedules and assignments so that staff are aware of assignments and due dates. Assign tasks to machines, users or lines. Adapt schedules as required.

Dashboards & Power BI

Keep track of KPIs. Share instantly with coworkers and staff.

Weever’s customizable reporting automation tools allow you to create stunning dashboards that automatically update in real-time.

seamless data integration

Connect and share.

Share your data across your entire digital infrastructure instantly.

Accomplish your goals for only

No per user or set up fees.

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