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Your facility is a busy place, making it hard to move initiatives forward. Projects stall because staff aren’t aware of expectations. Building and sustaining momentum requires projects to be completed so stakeholders can realize the impact of their work. Weever offers simple software that helps you stay on track by enhancing visibility, accountability and engagement.

Learn more about how digital project management will fuel your pursuit of perfection.

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The best way to understand our software is to experience it.
Change Management

Change is the only constant. 

Update documents that outline standardized processes. Ensure compliant document approvals and that staff are aware of changes.

Simple and Intuitive

A clear understanding makes for easy work. 

Staff are alerted and have access to the tasks assigned to them, including maintenance CILs, CAPAs, kaizens, and so on. Intuitive, accessible, and cloud-based software allows them to effortlessly navigate and submit information.

Assignments & Notifications

Stay on task. No more excuses.

Create schedules that are assigned to lines, roles or people. Add tasks to projects as they are required. Staff view clear “Assigned to me” reports. Supervisors access comprehensive project status reports.

Messaging & Collaboration

Resolve issues in real-time. 

Provide your teams with the ability to collaborate and resolve issues quickly anywhere inside or outside of the facility. Conversations are tracked so resolutions can be used to update SOPs moving forward.

Flexible Process Builder

Create flexible templates that ensure compliance. 

Provide staff with clear projects with role assignments and repeated tasks. Build from scratch or edit a pre-existing project template.

The Pursuit of


Pursue perfection and achieve operational excellence through enhanced visibility, collaboration and productivity in quality, maintenance, safety and focused improvement. Shift to a culture of excellence by making continuous improvement easy, accessible and empowering.



Reduce accidents and develop a culture of prevention.



Ensure compliance and the customer’s needs are exceeded.



Increase OEE through autonomous schedules and predictive insights.



Reduce waste through kaizens fuelled by employee suggestions.

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The best way to understand our software is to experience it.