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Real-Time Visibility

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What if ...

you had virtually limitless access to the status of everything?

3 out of 4 managers say that their reporting system lacks real-time visibility. We all know paper documents can hang around work stations until someone manually adds the data to a report and ERP systems are not accessible or efficient to use.

Our products provide views, alerts and other features that help you understand what you need to know and stay on top of your business.

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Learn how our manufacturing customer used Inspections Manager to increased the quantity of their PM inspections by 1300%, and more ...

Learn how our manufacturing customer used Inspections Manager to increased the quantity of their PM inspections by 1300%, and more ...

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Status Indicators

An immediate understanding of the current status of a project helps to plan next steps and action items.

Percentage completed visualizations, automated workflows and quick status update dropdown menus are some examples of features that present information quickly to managers.

For example, Process Manager provides users with an overview of all “Live Processes” including percentage completed, the name and owner of the next step and so on.


Alerts & Notifications

Email alerts and in-app notifications focus users on items they need to be aware of in real-time.All of our products allow administrators to determine email addresses that are automatically sent a report when a form is submitted.

Process Manager includes an “Action Required” feature that notifies users automatically when a task assigned to their role is next up in the process.



Simple, flexible workflows are an easy and effective way to ensure the team is moving forward in the same direction.

When forms are submitted they are automatically added as a ticket to a workflow that can be assigned to another user.

Inspection Manager includes an automated process whereby any failed inspection is automatically added to an “In Progress” workflow that can be assigned to a technician, updated and closed.

Process Manager laptop tablet

Commenting & Conversations

In some cases, a quick conversation is all that is required to get the job done.

Keeping the conversation within the context of a given step in a workflow helps to keep the conversation focused and direct. Also, a record of the conversation associated to the task helps to understand how to improve workflows and documentation in the future.

Process Manager includes complete commenting and audit trail functionality so that you can keep the ball rolling.

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