From Floor to Report.

Automated integration with Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI is an industry leading business intelligence solution. Weever is purpose built to monitor your plant operations, enabling staff to collect rich data efficiently. The data is automatically pushed to your Power BI charts and graphs so you can be sure you are looking at up-to-date information.

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Manage your business strategically with more meaningful information. 

Reporting provides meaning and context to your Operational Excellence program. You can try to improve without reporting, but how will you know.

Broadcasting KPIs allows all stakeholders at all levels of your organization that the additional work required to implement improvements is paying off.

Customizable Templates

Ensure a smooth, fast and compliant deployment.

Good software should adapt to your unique requirements, instead of requiring you to adapt to meet the software's needs. Weever includes form, workflow and report templates based on industry best practices for safety, quality, maintenance, continuous improvement and operations management.

Weever to Power BI connection

Better decision making in real-time. 

Instead of trying to pull together data from multiple sources, organizations are adopting a centralized “data warehouse” approach and using one source of truth to manage KPIs and generate insights.

Like a plant, Power BI needs to be nourished to bare fruit. Weever automatically and securely sends your data to MS Power BI so you can manage your data your way. Power BI allows you to generate stunning reports built upon real-time data streams from a variety of different sources.

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Connect with ease

We’ve made it easy to connect your Weever database to Power BI with OData.

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Select “OData feed” ...

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add your app name ...

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login to Weever ...


select your forms.

Build custom reports

Instead of adapting your business to suit the reporting capabilities of your software, create your own reports using Microsoft Power BI.

  • Connect Weever to Power BI using a secure OData connection.
  • The reports update in real-time or based on your parameters.
  • Create data visualizations that can be shared with all stakeholders.

New to Power BI?

Power BI is a data visualization tool created by Microsoft. If your company uses Microsoft you probably already have access to the software. Use MS Power BI to create amazing data experiences that you can share with staff and other stakeholders.

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Free templates and set up

Our staff will help you get set up quickly using Form Builder and Power BI templates. Adapt the form fields to suit your needs.

Need additional support? If you are new to Power BI, we are here to help. Our team of Power BI experts will ensure your datasets, reports and dashboards are set up exactly how you want them.


Download the Power BI Brochure

Interested in learning more? Do you want to share information about Weever and Power BI with a colleague? Download a copy of our brochure.