Everything understood ... at a glance. 

To keep your department continuously improving you need real-time access to the status of projects as well as performance indicators that show which direction you are heading. Fuddling with paper forms and spreadsheets does not cut it. Weever offers simple software that helps you stay on track by enhancing visibility, accountability and engagement.

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Power BI

Stunning, intuitive dashboards. 

Integrate your data with Microsoft Power BI and create visually beautiful dashboards that provide up-to-the-minute updates on status and KPI performance. Weever sets up a real-time data stream to your Power BI dashboard. You can build your dashboards or ask Weever to do it.


What’s happening?

Access the status of any live process within your organization. View and filter by completion percentage, next task/step due and associated role. Filter down through your organization, facility, lines/work areas, and departments.


Capture and Report on Everything.

Form Reports capture all of the data collected by each form that your staff submits to complete your process. A comprehensive audit trail ensures that everything is captured, including all changes, when they were made and by whom. View the data in your browser or download a spreadsheet to mine the data further.

Audit Trails & Compliance

Track all interactions.

Every interaction within the platform is tracked so you can rest assured that you are compliant to internal and external requirements. Stakeholders are aware of what their approvals mean and security measures ensure that your data has the highest level of integrity.

The best way to understand our software is to experience it.

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