Take 5 Safety Report


Ensure incidents never happen again. 

Take 5 Safety Report Tracking & Management Software. Intuitive data capture, workflows and real-time reporting so you can stay on track, be compliant and get the job done more efficiently.

  • Customizable Take 5 Form & Reporting Template - To suit your specific requirements.
  • Seamless Data Capture - Ensure the correct information is captured - every time.
  • Comprehensive Workflow Management - Track status, assign, manage timelines.
  • Insightful Reporting - Access automated, rich, and customizable reports.
  • No Set Up & User Fees - One site licence. Unlimited submissions and users.

As low as $199/month. Unlimited users. 

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Save time and money, enhance visibility, automate administrative "grunt work", ensure compliance and

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Simplify Take 5s to increase participation and ensure compliance.

A simple and intuitive way to quickly capture Take 5 reports.

  • Add a photo with sketch to add clarity to the report.
  • Add on-demand training "refreshers" to ensure the process is completed correctly.
  • Submitting the form instantly creates a ticket for review.

Conditional Logic

Reveal options as you go to make the process more efficient.


Gather stakeholder approvals and move forward quickly.

Enable workflows and keep everything all in the same place.

  • Automatically alert the appropriate stakeholder.
  • Capture approval signatures.
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Automate Business Intelligence.

All of the data is captured in a form report, which provides access to a simple table with CSV and PDF downloads for inspectors.

Reports also feature customizable graphs and data visualizations featuring information about Participation, Outcomes and Key Performance Indicators.


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Schedule a 15 to 30 minute demo to learn more about how Weever could work for you.

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  • No Set Up & User Fees - One site licence starting at $199/month.
  • Unlimited submissions and users.
  • Build as you go - Add additional templates for $99/month.
  • Customizable Templates - Customize a comprehensive template library.
  • Complimentary Setup - Our team will work with you to ensure everything is perfect before launch.

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