Quality Defect Checks


Ensure defects are reported, corrected and prevented.

Quality Defect Reports Tracking & Management Software. Intuitive data capture, workflows and real-time reporting so you can stay on track, be compliant and get the job done more efficiently.

  • Customizable Defect Form & Reporting Template - To suit your specific requirements.
  • Seamless Data Capture - Ensure the correct information is captured - every time.
  • Comprehensive Workflow Management - Track status, assign, manage timelines.
  • Insightful Reporting - Access automated, rich, and customizable reports.
  • No Set Up & User Fees - One site licence. Unlimited submissions and users.

Get started for as low as $199/month.

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Simplify Quality Check Reporting.

Capture photos, auto-calculations and recognize staff for finding and correcting defects quickly. Use Weever to capture data from the line for all of your quality control checks including:

  • Scale Verification Checks
  • Defect Checks
  • Moisture Checks
  • Packaging Film Checks
  • Weight Checks
  • Traceability Checks
  • Date Checks
  • Inspections & Audits

Evaluate corrective actions & assign next steps. 

Instantly understand what operators are doing to correct issues in real-time. Create prevention projects to ensure the issue does not recur in the future.

Quality Defect Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic

Reveal options as you go based on the user's selections to reduce clutter, improve compliance and increase efficiency.


Assign next steps and move projects forward.

Realize the benefit of digital project management through real-time notifications and status updates. Get more done in less time and ensure compliance along the way.

  • Determine the Root Cause.
  • Create and assign action items.
  • Monitor project status.
  • Capture approval signatures.
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Automate Business Intelligence.

All of the data is captured in a form report, which provides access to a simple table with CSV and PDF downloads.

Reports also feature customizable graphs and data visualizations featuring information about Participation, Outcomes and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


What customers love about Weever


Make it easy for staff to get involved

Intuitive, cloud-based application makes it easy for staff to access and engage in the process.


Easy user onboarding

Our team will ensure your staff onboarding process is as efficient as possible.


Reward staff participation

Reward staff for submitting reports and going the extra mile to improve their workplace.


Share results and KPIs

Showcase project status and results and key performance indicators to keep everyone engaged.


Flexible tools that work for you

Use and adapt templates. Create forms and schedules. Modify workflows to work for your unique requirements.


Move quickly from suggestions to meaningful change

Evaluate observations and turn them into action plans on the spot. Assign. Schedule. Monitor progress.


Your success is our success

Weever is with you every step of the way, from onboarding to on-going support and staff training.

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Start in days, not weeks

No programming or heavy lifting required. Use templates and get going quickly.


Enhance collaboration at all levels

Motivate participation by showcasing leadership participation and collaboration.

Kickstart your Digitization Journey Today.

Weever Starter

Starts at $199/month per site. Unlimited Users.

Weever Starter is the perfect solution if you are starting your digitization journey or looking to fill a gap in existing software. Start with one use case template and add new use cases as you go.

  • No Set Up & User Fees - One site licence starting at $199/month.
  • Unlimited submissions and users.
  • Build as you go - Add additional templates for $99/month.
  • Customizable Templates - Customize a comprehensive template library.
  • Complimentary Setup - Our team will work with you to ensure everything is perfect before launch.

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