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Why ERP systems don’t excel at Batch Records Management

ERPs were originally designed to control corporate finances, which is intrinsically linked to the flow of resources through an organization. The organization pays for raw materials, which are delivered and…

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The Inspector is coming. Are you ready?

The CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency), Health Canada and the FDA can audit any facility at any time. Audits can be invasive and a highly disruptive experience –  especially if…

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Inspections Manager – Preventive Maintenance Schedules

Inspections Manager takes the pain out of managing preventive maintenance schedules. Create inspection and maintenance schedules.   Assign them to staff, equipment and machines.  Collect rich observations.  Failures automatically alert the…

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4 ways to reduce waste from your Continuous Improvement process

Kaizen is the process of incrementally improving processes by eliminating “waste”. Small improvements over time can have a huge impact on productivity and the bottom line. Waste can come in…

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3 ways to get operators more involved in maintenance

Creating an autonomous maintenance program is a great way to increase machine up-time and focus on more strategic machine maintenance programs. Getting the operators involved in clean, inspect and lubricate…

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How to Digitize Construction Site Audits

As a general rule, a supervisor or competent person must inspect a construction site at least once per week to ensure that the site does not reasonably endanger workers. Construction…

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How to Digitize Driver’s Vehicle Inspection Reports

Driver’s Vehicle Inspection Reports are necessary and useful, however, they can be missed or “pencil whipped” frequently by staff who want to get out on the road quickly. Staff grumble…

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The Effect Of Blockchain Technology In The Manufacturing Industry

Blockchain. That’s been a popular word in recent years, predominantly associated with Bitcoin currency. An initiated few know what blockchain technology is and how it works. Because of its associations with…

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What is Lean Manufacturing?

In short, lean manufacturing is a continuous improvement philosophy promoting system-wide efficiency. Indeed, this system values balanced productivity that harmonizes across the entire value chain. If a particular line is…

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What is World Class Manufacturing?

An excellent overview of WCM can be found at The World Class Manufacturing programme at Chrysler, Fiat & Co. – better operations The company-specific production system ( XPS)…

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