Your Digitization Journey

Wherever you are, Weever can help. 

Whether you're just starting out, struggling to expand or pursuing perfection in Operational Excellence, we have a solution to suit your unique needs.

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Powerful and easy-to-use digital data captureworkflow management, and real-time reporting tools that dramatically improve operational efficiency, enhance employee engagement and ensure compliance in safetyqualityproduction and maintenance.

Phase 1 launch


CURRENT STATE: You are using paper forms and spreadsheets to manage operations.

If you are planning to launch a digital transformation journey you are probably already experiencing the inherent challenges associated with paper forms, spreadsheets, and inputting data manually. Digital solutions provide immediate benefits including real-time visibility, automation and efficiency enhancements.

KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Some things to consider during this phase include:

solution: Weever Starter

Kickstart your Digitization Journey.

Starting at $199/month - no setup or user fees. 

Weever Starter offers all the benefits of our Enterprise platform, but you only pay for the forms, processes or use cases you want. Avoid long-term commitments and lengthy roll out timelines. Start today with Weever Starter.

Weever Starter includes:

Phase 2 Problem

Organizational Transformation

CURRENT STATE: You are experiencing issues with your digital transformation roll out.

Organizational Transformation journeys have a high degree of failure, especially when rolling out digital tools across more departments and sites.

Poor employee buy-in and engagement, software functionality, flexibility, security, and support can contribute to a failed roll out.

Weever has an established track record of helping global organizations roll out with ease.

KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Some things to consider during this phase include:

solution: Weever enterprise

The simplest and most powerful way to digitize everything.

Ensure a seamless digital transformation rollout to your entire department, site and organization with unlimited forms, submissions, users, data storage, pictures, etc. Pay one monthly fee and go.

Weever Enterprise includes:

Phase 3 Problem

Operational Excellence

CURRENT STATE: You have digitized core processes and have realized the inherent benefits. Now you want to take efficiency and productivity to the next level. 

Now you have the opportunity to pursue Operational Excellence, which is a methodology that focuses on building the foundation for rapid and sustainable growth through continuous process improvement.

KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Some things to consider during this phase include:

solution: Weever Suite

Build the foundation to support growth.

Add robust tools to realize the complete benefits of digitization and pursue perfection in Operational Excellence. Weever Suite is a menu of enhancements that enable you to take your operations to the next level.

Weever Suite Enhancements includes:

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Save time and money, enhance visibility, automate administrative "grunt work", ensure compliance and

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