Operational Excellence is about the relentless pursuit of Zero Incidents, Zero Defects, Zero Breakdowns, and Zero Waste.

New collaboration between Fiix and Weever connects businesses to Industry 4.0 technology without the heavy lifting

Toronto, Canada—October 6, 2020— A new partnership announced today between Fiix Inc. and Weever makes it easier than ever for companies to embrace the power of Industry 4.0 technology to connect maintenance…

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The 3 E’s of Sustainable Employee Engagement

Then factories got smarter with IIoT sensors that could sense infinitesimally small abnormalities in production line speeds, product characteristics, temperatures and so on. Sensors were hooked up to robotics that…

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Why Employee Engagement is the most important success factor for Operational Excellence.

We all know we need to continuously improve and innovate in order to remain competitive. We must find efficiencies, increase quality, enhance productivity and keep people safe. The question is…

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Weever Forms Boosts Productivity, Reduces Safety and Quality incidents

Increased Factory OEE by 11% Reduced average time to close for reported incidents by over 400% Increased incident reports and staff participation by over 300%   The ChallengeOur global CPG…

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Continuous Improvement Survey Results

Continuous Improvement (CI) is not a core function of manufacturing in that manufacturers can produce their products without engaging in continuous improvement practices. As a result, if not consistently reinforced…

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How to protect essential workers in the factory.

Over 20 tips on how to keep factory workers safe and productive during a global pandemic. Weever is a continuous improvement software company. We work primarily with manufacturers in the…

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Food Manufacturing COVID-19 Distancing Case Study

FOOD MANUFACTURING CASE STUDY One of our customers is an international CPG organization. They have been using Weever for years now to manage activities relating to operational excellence including Focused…

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How to stimulate positive change in your manufacturing facility during a pandemic.

3 tips for enhancing continuous improvement during COVID-19 and beyond. COVID-19 is a global pandemic and there are signs that this virus may change the way we live and work…

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Social Distancing within the Factory

Most manufacturing is an essential service and must continue during the outbreak of COVID-19. However, that does not necessarily mean that staff cannot socially distance within the factory walls. Manufacturing…

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Factory Wi-Fi Setup

REMOTE FACTORY MANAGEMENT The recent global Covid-19 pandemic has awoken the world to the need for social distancing to combat its spread and “flatten the curve”. Manufacturing is an essential…

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