Why digitize Warehouse Pallet Rack Inspection Schedules?

Andy Pritchard  |   March 28, 2022  |    5 min read

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    Warehouse Rack Inspections are required by law in most jurisdictions and paper-based processes leave too much to chance. Workflow Management software helps to increase compliance by ensuring the inspections are completed correctly, while also reducing time, resource and other cost requirements.

    How do Rack Inspections work?

    Warehouse Rack Inspections are required usually at least 2 times per year and also whenever modifications are made. Some of our customers execute them weekly. 

    Inspectors evaluate the state of the framing, supports, alignment and guard rails. They also check for corrosion, and ensure appropriate signage is displayed. 


    Why are Rack Inspections Important?
    1. Enhance the safety of the work environment. 
    2. Reduce liability. 
    3. Save money and time associated to issues from racking defects.

    How can software help?


    Rack inspections can be complex. Using paper forms leaves too much up to chance. Digitization ensures scheduled inspections occur and provide more opportunities to guide and inform the inspector, increasing the likelihood of failures being detected and corrected.


    Reduce Errors

    Digital tools are more accessible so staff spend less time getting setup and more time doing the analysis. Digital features, including conditional logic, on-demand video instructions, and photo capture help to ensure the inspection is completed correctly.

    Add racking inspection checklist to ensure the specific data you want is collected.

    A challenge with paper-based inspections is that they can get sidelined as a secondary concern because staff forget about them. Software helps to elevate accountability and keep projects moving forward with automated alerts, schedules and due date reminders.


    Ensure Compliance

    Software features, such as automated schedules and required fields, ensure data is captured appropriately by the person that is required to capture that information. Also data is clearer and easier to review.



    Enhance Efficiency and Productivity

    Software makes the rack inspection process more efficient and productive by ensuring staff have access to the most update documentation and resources. This reduces the "back-and-forth" required when errors occur. Software also automates workflows and reporting, so you can spend less time administering spreadsheets and more time affecting positive change and generating results.


    Real-time Visibility

    Real-time visibility also allows managers to catch and correct process issues more quickly. Managers can collaborate directly with the staff that are executing the inspection.


    Warehouse Rack Inspections

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    • Customize pre-built templates.
    • Guide staff with on-demand instructions, call-outs and tutorials.
    • Capture photos, sketches and digital signatures.
    • Automated alerts and create investigation action plans.
    • Automate KPI reporting and share data with other business systems in real-time.
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